Interview with SiteGround CEO on Joomla Speed, Security and more

Tenko Nikolov Joomla-hosting-directory interviewed Tenko Nikolov, the CEO of – the best performing company according to its Joomla tests for the first quarter of 2013. Read what he has to say about the speed they manage to get and what else they do to make their Joomla clients happier.

Directory: So Tenko, how did SiteGround manage to outperform all other Joomla hosts?

Tenko: I believe the reason we outperform the other hosts is based in our company philosophy and the way we do things. We want to deliver a high quality hosting and we want our customers to enjoy our service. To that end, we believe innovative technical solutions and reliable support for the customer are the two main tools. And you can see that in the test results – we are faster thanks to the technologies we use; we are secure thanks to the solutions we developed in-house; and we offer great support because not only we reply fast but also make sure we resolve the customer problems no matter if they are hosting specific or application related or else.

Directory: What exactly do you do for Joomla speed?

Tenko: There are three things that make our hosting faster. First come the infrastructure – we renovate our hardware frequently, always looking for new technology that will perform faster than the old one. Many hosts don’t change old hardware until it breaks down, we change it when we identify a faster and more reliable solution. Second, we started offering CDN with Railgun – that’s a relatively new thing we added, which many hosts apply and is not really unique, but is quite helpful for speeding up sites. Third, our Supercacher about which I am very excited – that’s a third-party caching solution that we took and enhanced significantly in-house. Thanks to it, Joomla sites could handle up to 100 times more traffic and at the same time load significantly faster should they choose to use it. It’s also a piece of cake for webmasters to take advantage of it thanks to a special plugin we wrote for Joomla.

Directory: What do you do for Joomla security?

Tenko: We are quite paranoid about the uptime and availability of our servers. That is why we constantly watch out for threats and come up with various solutions that protect us from real or potential security breaches. The main thing we do for security is based in the way accounts are isolated from each other on a shared server as this is the biggest threat for every shared host. Several years ago, many people told us it was impossible to isolate with chroot, but we took the challenge and were the first who did it. Having that foundation well built, we focus on various other threats where custom solutions are crafted and always take in mind how the customers might be affected by those solutions.

Directory: How do you support Joomla?

In terms of technical support, we offer real support for Joomla and even the most popular Joomla plugins, a thing that a few hosts do. Many customers have told us that their previous hosts refused to help them with specific Joomla problems as such problems were not “hosting-related” and were surprised that we help and usually for free. I think that is a real difference. We are not only fast and qualified, but we also try to do more for the customer than our direct competitors.

Directory: What other Joomla services do you offer?

Tenko: Well, quite a few! I will start with Joomla auto-updates as we launched it this year. It’s an in-house developed solution meant to increase security on our servers and on account level.

Joomla Autoinstallation – this is something that most hosts have through their Softaculous or other script installer. The reason I mention it is because we not only have Softaculous 1-click installer, but also an in-house developed wizard that practically pre-installs the Joomla on your account even before you have entered your User area.

Last but not least, we like to share our know-how with the community and we provide lots of free resources – an extensive Joomla tutorial, a few Joomla extensions (JHackguard is probably the most famous one) and hundreds of Joomla templates. 

Directory: How is Joomla different for you than the other software you support?

Tenko: Well, we got very attached to Joomla. On one hand because we have many customers using Joomla and we invest serious efforts to make their sites run really great and on the other hand, because this is a great community with many nice people who like to share and learn from each other. We like that principle of open-source sharing and paying back to the community so it’s a pleasure for us to work with the Joomla community.

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  1. Eddie Walker says:

    I just got off a chat with Stoyan G. and cannot say enough about this man’s patience and professionalism. He should be the example for an outstanding support person. Thank you Siteground for the outstanding support you provide us customers.

  2. interview-with-siteground-ceo-on-joomla-speed-security-and-more | E-Daily Warehouse says:

    […] can read the full interview with SiteGround’s CEO here and see the survey results on Joomla-hosting-directory quarterly […]


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