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SiteGround provides Joomla hosting services since the day Joomla! was born. SiteGround is the first host to provide free installation of Joomla 2.5 for its users. The company currently provides web hosting for more than 80,000 Joomla websites. For all Joomla users the SiteGround team has launched many Joomla tutorials. The tutorials include both information for beginners about how to use and manage Joomla, as well as advance instructions how to install Joomla addons and deal with certain problems. SiteGround has provided over 200 Free templates for Joomla and now has the richest collection of FREE Joomla templates with frequent new releases. SiteGround has also launched a series of FREE Joomla extensions especially for the needs of its customers.

Summary of Test Results:

Test Period Speed Security Support Bonus Points Rank
Jan-Mar 2013 7000 Hits and 100% Availability Chroot Isolation 5min Basic and 15min Advanced Support Response Joomla Auto-installer #1

Joomla Security

SiteGround has unmatched security standards to protect Joomla on three levels.

Level 1: Each Joomla installed by SiteGround comes with the in-house developed Joomla extension – jHackGuard. The company is one of the very few companies to offer automatic Joomla updates upon a new release as a way to keep the Joomlas well protected from security vulnerabilities.

Level 2: The accounts on SiteGround shared servers are isolated from each other through a custom-made server setup, so even if there is one vulnerable installation on the shared server, the other Joomla websites will be safe.

Level 3: SiteGround closely monitors the general security status of Joomla and its popular plugins and apply strict security audit procedures. If a major vulnerability appears they apply server level security fixes even before the official development fixes are released.

Joomla Speed

Based on benchmark speed tests with other hosting companies, SiteGround’s Joomlas load times faster. This is due to the fact that they work with the latest and best hardware (regularly upgraded) and added various custom speed optimization extras such as free CDN (content delivery network) and caching tool that makes it easy for website owners to boost the performance of their websites with just a few clicks from their cPanel.

Technical Assistance

SiteGround provides 24/7 technical assistance support via ticketing, phone or chat. The best part here is that SiteGround support team members receive a special Joomla-related training. They provide assistance in setting up Joomla websites, moving existing websites over to their servers, installing Joomla templates, installing addons for Joomla, and migrating Joomla.

Joomla Hosting Features

The Joomla hosting package offered by SiteGround includes: free domain, free Joomla installation or transfer, generous space and unlimited traffic, cpanel control panel, daily backups, free CDN, 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 support.

SiteGround is awarded

Best Joomla Web Host

Joomla Hosting Directory rating about SiteGround

SiteGround wins the top position in the Joomla Directory because they showed the best results in all criteria. In addition to that, they won bonus points for the extra Joomla resources they provide to the Joomla community. The company has expanded the traditional “Joomla support” services and has started providing additional Joomla resources (Joomla tutorial, templates, extensions, Joomla forum, Joomla FAQ section), which are free for all Joomla users. Thus, the company shows that it is committed to Joomla and is sharing its know-how with the community.

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441 Reviews

  1. Sandra Otter says:

    I have been searching for a reliable website host and have felt very reassured and supported by Tervel. His patience counts for a lot! Thank you!

  2. Kyaw Zaw Naing says:

    Siteground’s live chat support is impressive.

  3. ilker yalcin says:

    perfect and very fast support. they are there when i need. Thanks again

  4. Tru says:

    I just switched from another host who had been charging me double and would do nothing about. The support to switch was amazingly helpful. I hope this is a better relationship in the works. Yall have a wonderful day.

  5. Przemek says:

    Competent people, quick support provided by chat.

  6. Kelly says:

    I get great support everytime I contact SiteGround. I just recently moved over to them and am working with a lot of clients hosting on SiteGround. Each of my clients has different requirements and needs and every time I have contacted support, I get everything I need.

  7. Yemi says:

    Kate reponse to our request is simply 5 star and fantastic.

  8. Terence Watts says:

    I have a lot of sites on Siteground, having recently moved over from another provider. Siteground made the move easy, put up with my hundred questions, ALWAYS sorted stuff out, were unfailingly respectful and polite and nothing was ever too much trouble. I’m super-impressed!

  9. Chibubi says:

    i think im trully going to love these guys for their stable and convenient responses

  10. Leo says:

    Amazing experience with Siteground Support, very helpful and patient, thats what makes them the nr. 1!

  11. Jerry Johnson says:

    Excellent support from Rumen getting my site to “force” HTTPS.
    Spent the time needed to track down the anomoly. HTTPS was working….it just
    wasn’t forcing HTTPS when the simple site name was entered. Mission
    accomplished. Thanks, Rumen.

  12. Paul says:

    Alexander B. Helped me so much, and went above and beyond the call of duty. I hope his boss warms him up with a blanket and money.

  13. Mark says:

    Save my ass just in several minutes!

  14. Mike Spears says:

    I moved my domains to hostgator. I wish I hadn’t. SiteGround is great. I’m going to move all my domains to siteground as soon as I can.

  15. Ralf says:


    I just want to thank you siteground. Really amazing service, super fast technical support
    I have moved a few websites to them, and they are the best
    try for yourself, you will be thrilled by the customer support and lightening fast servers

    Highly reommended host

    All the Best,
    happy customer,


  16. Korhan says:

    He was very helpful

  17. GuyG says:

    Siteground support is really excellent. If you don’t yet host with siteground, I would highly recommend them.

  18. Sarah says:

    Thank you for the detailed review. I recently started using siteground web hosting and I am glad to say that yes they have best 24/7 customer support as well as excellent WordPress hosting features. I have got my website setup in no time and all the hurdles manage by Sitegound’s very technical team. There cpanel interface is awesome.

  19. Nicky says:

    SiteGround is best in its customer support. These guys are resolving any technical issues in minutes. Great work! Highly recommended.

  20. Rob Kelly says:

    I have been with SiteGround for a few months and I am very impressed so far. There support is quick, polite and helpful. I have recommended it to a few other people already.

  21. Aster says:

    Siteground has the best customer support. They respond well and very fast!

  22. Gary Harvey says:

    Excellent. 5 stars. I asked for guidance on how to respond to the error msg I was getting about an expired certificate.

    She didn’t tell me how to fix it. SHE JUST FIXED IT HERSELF.

    Champion service!

  23. Emmanuel Viardo says:

    Beatrice C. is friendly to prospective customers. She may be a Canadian after all. Anyway she answered all of my questions satisfactorily,. I have tried two webhosts already and am extremely dissatisfied with them. I will have to try Siteground. All things aside, Beatrice looks good enough in the photo!!!!

  24. Steve says:

    2 words : Pure excellence !

  25. Arber says:

    I had such a great experience with the siteground support, especially with Stileyan !! i think i spelled his name right ?!

    anyways he was really really amazing !!!

    thanks a lot :-))

  26. Joomla Hosting Siteground Voucher Code 30 says:

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  27. Mariette says:

    Siteground is the best hosting option one can choose. The staff support team are all very friendly, professional, attentive and helped me, with all my IT issues every step of the way. Issues are resolved fast and there is always someone to follow up on things. I am very satisfied of their service and find there chat assistance service to be the best customer care I have encountered. 🙂 Thank you…..

  28. Maninder says:

    Always good services really helpful.

  29. Bryan says:

    I love using The staff are extremely helpful and efficient and the tools that they provide make building and hosting your own website easy!

  30. Siteground Joomla Hosting Voucher Code Printable February 2018 says:

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  31. Prefer to stay anon says:

    Ultimately I am being referred upward to the enterprise sales team for my project, however I felt I should mention the excellent live chat help I was given(at 4a.m.) on Siteground by Vladislav R. Even though he would not be the one handling my business he still took the time to answer my questions and provide me the initial confidence to fill out the enterprise sales contact form and put Siteground on the short list.
    Thanks again Vladislav (Leadership of Siteground if you read this, take good care of him, we’ll be looking for good help like that soon!)

  32. Ron says:

    Quick response, on-target evaluation. Solved problem in less than 3 minutes. That’s what I love about Siteground!


  33. Dan says:

    Once again SiteGround tech support has helped me with an issue I was having. The support team at SiteGround is unbeatable, they have helped me on several occasions and did so very quickly. I recommend SiteGround to anyone looking for premiere web hosting with top-notch tech support.

  34. alex says:

    migrating a site and so far the service and speed of answering questions has been great. Good work so far.

  35. Tuomas says:

    I don’t know how they do it but Siteground customer service is out of the charts. Even a customer like me who doesn’t have the knowledge and skills that is normally expected from people who try to run their own websites without prohelp, are treated like a super customers.

    They know what they do and they do it quickly!


  36. Techblogspro says:

    SiteGround are really amazing – they have the best features and support in the market

  37. Jackson says:

    SiteGround. These guys have their shit together. 😉

    Best customer service I have dealt with. Great experience and very helpful. Thanks for doing what you guys do, it is much appreciated. =D

  38. Guy says:

    I just contact Siteground support to tell them what I think about these guys.
    That’s exactly what I wrote, copy paste.

    Just want to tell you guys that EVERY thing is alright, thank you.
    You have great support system, both by chat and tickets.
    The patient to explain every little thing and to check things over and over is awesome.
    This is my review for Siteground hosting.



  39. Karl says:

    Just got finished a chat session related to a DNS issue with Bozhana. She was awesome and resolved the issue quickly. My support request was picked up within a few minutes of initiating which surprised me do to it being a Saturday evening. Great service!

  40. LeGeoff says:

    Fastest, most thorough and efficient support I have received. Ever.

    Well played SiteGround support!

  41. Mark says:

    Fantastic service from Marin today, thank you so much!

  42. Edith Williams says:

    Excellent and expedient service from Pavel. His knowledge was awesome Thank you !
    – Edie

  43. Soo says:

    Just in the process of transferring to Siteground (not the easiest of processes, especially as my previous hosting provider hasn’t been overly helpful) and the help I’ve had from SG so far has been quick and very thorough. The technicians really know their stuff, are endlessly polite and helpful, and very fast – I haven’t had to wait more then 30 seconds for a chat. Absolutely no complaints so far and would highly recommend. I started using them because a friend was so effusive about their efficiency – seems she was right.

  44. Michael Mattson says:

    Great, friendly customer service at Siteground…even on a Sunday! Fantastic!!!

  45. Jorge says:

    Excelent support. 5 Stars.

  46. Mark says:

    The service at siteground is exceptional!They went out of their way to help me and my query was solved in under 5 minutes.Highly recommended.

  47. Ti Gill says:

    I have used their hosting as well live chat – they are awesome on the live chat support !!
    Always provided me with great solutions and I can’t fault them in any way. This is the best hosting company ever in the world!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS

  48. Jyoti says:

    Staff is very clever and knowledgeable, so happy they are my hosting company.
    I am proud to have chosen them as my hosting company, I would recommend them to everyone!!

  49. Ricardo says:

    I moved from HostGator because the live support was a mess, very slow and bad. So far so good SiteGround!

  50. Dan says:

    I have an issue today with one of my site, contact siteground’s support and it was a great experience for me! Their support team was professional and very fast in handling problems! I really glad I choose siteground!

  51. Lotte says:

    I’ve had all three of my websites hosted by Siteground for a year and a half now. I’m not the most technical person, so I’ve often had questions and their support has always been great. I have never had to wait more than 1 minute for assistance.

  52. Bud says:

    I can be a bit of a high maintenance customer. I’ve never had better hosting support than Siteground. They are fast, helpful, patient and courteous. I couldn’t ask for more.

  53. C Jones says:

    Great customer service that is always available through chat. Even though I do the majority of my work in the middle of the night, support has always been available. We are new to having a WordPress site but Siteground gives us a helping hand when necessary.

  54. Michael Jasper says:

    I moved to Siteground recently from Justhost. What a major improvement! Support was impossible on Justhost. Siteground support has been fast and competent. The responses aren’t scripted – I get people who really know what they’re doing, who respond directly to my questions and who have consistently helped me solve my problems. They also were great about moving my site over. There were a couple problems but they resolved quickly. Wish I’d switched a long time ago.

  55. Rodger Fields says:

    Stoycho V. provided outstanding support in transferring domain names even when there were hiccups with the administrative email.

  56. Diana Riggs says:

    Pavlin was my chat guy and helped me immensely. Did you know that you can get LIFETIME SSL for your website with SitePoint? That’s what I found out. It’s true and only one button. Also, they’ll help you transfer content from one site, then the domain name from another. Excellent tech support. Great Job. Thanks.

  57. Kathy says:

    fantastic customer service – thanks for everything, Steliyan E! very patient and helpful

  58. Joao says:

    Great pre-sales help. Money back guarantee. Let’s try!

  59. Nikhil says:

    As always, as heard in many blogs and reviews, and even before I took siteground WP managed account… siteground gave delightful, responsive interaction over chat!
    From pre sales to after sales… I am so far more than happy! Most important I think is that the chat interaction feels more personal than “template/cut-paste” responses I have noticed on some other providers. Being in another country “chat” is THE method of conversation. And it is great with site ground!

  60. Amanda says:

    I was trying to change my domain to my wordpress site and missed a step somehow. My site was a mess and would not show up at all. Thankfully, with the help of Martin D. he was able to get my site up and running with the domain i wanted. Thank you Martin for being patient with the mess i clearly made. Very happy to be a siteground customer. Thank You! Best customer service around Martin D. 🙂

  61. Noel says:

    +1 for Outstanding customer service. Siteground has secured my recommendation to a client for quality hosting.

  62. Pamela says:

    I contacted customer service when my WordPress site had a high number of executions that were causing the site to slow and become unresponsive. Antonia walked me through the steps I needed to take when I got stuck troubleshooting. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

  63. Marty says:

    I have tried many hosting companies over the years and Siteground are the best web host by far. Excellent customer support, great hosting features for free (other hosts charge for many of the features Siteground offer for free), fast servers and excellent support for WordPress and Joomla. Go no further.

  64. Christian says:

    They are the best web host hands down! I’ve never seen better customer service anywhere!

  65. Lurch says:

    Super helpful staff!

  66. Chris Norbury says:

    Outstanding customer service every time I’ve needed help. Today, Georgi Cholakov was the star and fixed my problem in minutes!

  67. Enrique Arias says:

    Excellent support service!

    I strongly recommend.

  68. Stephen says:

    Excellent service from Siteground again ****************

  69. Ivan says:

    Teodora N. is the best customer support representative ever! Very kind and patient, provided all the information I needed for migrating my sites to SiteGround. Hope the migration process will be flawless too.

  70. Valerio Wilson says:

    Site ground has the best customer service I have ever experienced on-line.

  71. Gabor Lippert says:

    In this very moment Siteground’s support just seems to be The Perfect Hosting support.
    1. They offer support via chat, which, by my experience, is the quickest and best way to provide support and basically to solve problems with the help of a support agent.
    2. Quick connection – you don’t have to wait hours to get help.
    3. Professional request handling – the person I talked to knew the answers I needed, he didn’t have to ask for time to get them from a knowledge base.

    Surprisingly great support service, and support quality is of high priority when choosing a new hosting provider.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  72. Julia lepreri says:

    SiteGround, you guys have the best support ever! In 15 min tops u resolve everything I need ! Thank you so much!

  73. Lea Clarke says:

    I’ve just got the most super quick help from Siteground live chat. I’ve just purchased a domain name yesterday from godaddy, then today I purchased a hosting plan from Siteground. I’ve just changed the nameserves on godaddy to siteground. My question was,

    How do I know if my site is live or when will it be live?

    He checked it out for me less than a minute resolved. I was waiting for a supper long reply to my shock, his response was quicker than I could think what he would reply.
    Looking forward to Siteground hosting my site. Thanks

  74. OMORUYI says:

    The customer service is Awesome. There is always a quick response to any technical challenge.

  75. Joe says:

    Penka B was on the line in just seconds to field my Presale question about software that I wanted to use to use to build the site. Her reply was quick, courteous and affirmative; and she also provided the name of the Installer that I would use. Wonderful service!

  76. David Baker says:

    SiteGround support is phenomenal. I was with Bluehost for over a decade. Getting through to support was a monumental task. We switched to SiteGround and my experience is fantastic. They are extremely responsive, wonderfully attentive to the issue, and do whatever it takes to solve your issues. I am thrilled with SiteGround and have become an avid evangelist for the company. They are all terrific!

  77. Sofia says:

    Best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you.

  78. MF says:

    Just transferred a client site from GoDaddy to Siteground. This entire process was the most streamlined experience I have ever been involved with. The pre-sales support all the way through the transfer has been amazing. We even received a follow-up call the day after the transfer to make sure everything was working as expected. I am now looking to move all of my other services to Siteground as a result.

  79. Maurice Koks says:

    Another Great Experience with Siteground support thanks to Vitko R, if you are a client I recommend to go on their mainsite and click on Live Chat, here you get VIP assistance !! Siteground Rock’s !!

  80. Marylee MacDonald says:

    Siteground is simply the best. Whenever I’ve had technical issues their tech support has been there instantaneously to bail me out. I highly recommend this site for authors.

  81. Juan says:

    Incredibly helpful, thoughtful and patient. Amazing job!

  82. Jp Orr says:

    Excellent Service. Thanks

  83. Riccardo says:

    Just now I had a problem with payment of the hosting and the chat support helped me with total flexibility. Great service, fast and customer oriented!

  84. Jayson Olthoff says:

    Ivelin was amazing. Made the process simple.

  85. Jose Solleiro says:

    Atencion estupenda y efectiva.

  86. Kevin says:

    We have just migrated to SiteGround hosting from a much more expensive hosting service. We were happy enough with the old hosting. But support was sometimes spotty or slow to respond and only available by ticket. More critically, a prolonged drop-off in sales forced us to make some adjustments in our budget so the much lower cost of SiteGround hosting was appealing.

    We made the move with some reservations, and kept our account at the old hosting as a back-up temporarily so that we could quickly revert if things didn’t go well. So far, I have been nothing short of delighted with SiteGround.

    I assumed the server would be slower, and possibly overloaded, due to the lower cost. But it has actually been much faster with response and page loads than our previous hosting.

    I greatly appreciate the cPanel admin interface, over the proprietary one used by our previous host. I am familiar with cPanel and love the features and user friendly intuitive approach.

    As was to be expected, we encountered some small issues after the move. We have moved before, so we know very well that this is going to happen, and it is a great opportunity to discover how responsive the support team is.

    I can tell you, the responsiveness has been amazing. The initial migration was done within hours, rather than the days it took to migrate us in the past at other servers.

    After the migration, we encountered a few small issues, which were addressed within minutes to our complete satisfaction. These were simply some changes to configuration that needed to be made, not problems with the server. As noted, you can be sure you will always have some of those issues when migrating a site of any size or complexity.

    I also have had a few questions about certain things, like the SFTP connection. SiteGround required a very secure method of connection. Which means the server is better protected. Yes, it is a little less convenient, but a small price to pay for better security. When I had similar issues configuring SFTP connection at the previous host, their first response was to suggest that I simply use the less secure FTP connection instead. For an ecommerce site!

    I am still in my first week at SiteGround. But I can say with confidence that even if for some reason we are unable to continue with SiteGround, it will not be due to support issues or server performance. There is a full 30-day refund guarantee, plenty of time to put the server and support to the test.

    Bottome line: If you are considering SiteGround, sign up for the service and put it through the paces. At the prices offered for their hosting, you can afford to go with their more robust “Go Geek” plan. You can lock in the promotional pricing by paying in advance for up to 3 years. You still get 30 days to try it out and make sure it works for you. If it does, as it appears to be working for us, you will save a fortune by locking in the promo pricing for as long as possible!

  87. Kunzang says:

    Siteground support is excellent, instantaneous, 24/7 and they even look into problems of your website and solved it for me, which is not their business, so 10 points!

  88. Chris says:

    Awesome tech support. Beyond exceptional

  89. Daniel Morell says:

    I am a website developer and manage numerous websites. I have been using SiteGround for a little over a year now. I have never had better support or faster service at any other host.

    SiteGround’s servers are fast, reliable, and worth every penny. They may cost a little more but it worth it by far.

  90. Edmerson Esli says:

    Very accommodating , love the support , so fast in responding my problem, shout out to the one who attended my problem today, mam Gabriela K, thanks a lot.. and to the surich support

  91. Veronica says:

    Amazing customer service. thank you so much because you go the extra mile. Thank you

  92. Dale says:

    Great service! they helped me with my needs and were very prompt!

  93. Jay says:

    These guys are absolutely the best. I am so grateful they were suggested to me because they are excellent from top to bottom.

  94. Muhammad Khurram says:

    I am using since 3 years siteground hosting. It is much costly than other hosting providers but it have its own worth. All the services are amazing and customer is more than amazing. Customer support never disappointed and solve the problem whenever we have contacted.
    Thanks Siteground Hosting Service.


    we had a very helpfull and supportive conversation whith Radostin P. about a probleme relative to the name of my web site .

  96. James says:

    Both times I’ve had to use their live chat the service was fast, polite and professional. This has not been the case with other sites I’ve used. A+

  97. Algis says:

    Very helpful with walking me through how to point a domain to a subfolder on my site! Excellent!

  98. Christy says:

    I just switched from Bluehost to Sightground and can’t believe the DIFFERENCE!!! Wow! Sightground is SOOOOOO much more willing to provide help & support! Their tech chat blows Bluehost away in EVERY WAY! On Bluehost it took 5 minutes to get an answer for every question and the only thing they would do is drop a video tutorial. The one and only time that I got a Chat Tech to help me at Bluehost, they MADE IT WORSE!!! Sightground has been the complete opposite! They’re cheaper already: I’m getting 2 sites for the price of one. They migrated my website over for me, so I wasn’t overwhelmed with all of the tech. They have walked me through everything that I have needed help with and been so patient. For someone who doesn’t know all of the jargon, that is the difference between giving up and moving forward. THANK YOU SIGHTGROUND! You’re amazing!

  99. Mustafa says:

    I spoke to Dimitar K today. I needed to renew my hosting service and had a bit of an issue. He offered me an option which I didn’t realise was possible. This option was perfect as it was a good solution for me. The solution that Dimitar K suggested was an example of excellent customer service which for me is Siteground’s biggest strength as a hosting provider. Dimitar K is a great asset to your team.

  100. Aneeta says:

    I transferred my website from godaddy to Siteground about a month ago. Siteground did a free transfer of my website. After the transfer, I changed my theme and had an issue with incorrect file permissions with my WordPress installation.I lodged a ticket and the reply was prompt, courteous and efficient.Best of all, the Support Guru Georgi explained the issue clearly and with respect. As a WordPress newbie,I have zero tech skills and really appreciate the fantastic and down to earth service I’ve received.I have been with hostgator and godaddy before this and am so glad I changed to Siteground!

  101. John says:

    Just excellent working with these folks on the chat line and very fast

  102. Mariusz says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome service!!!!

  103. Mark says:

    Wow Wow Wow. 10/10 for service. Highly recommended.

  104. Olger Zamora says:

    Estoy muy satisfecho con los servicios de SiteGround y la gran cantidad de servicios gratuitos que brindan, sobre todo la excelente atención que brindan en mi caso en español Recomiendo sus servicios!

  105. Lisa says:

    OMG after suffering with Host Gator for nine years, I finally found tech help that knows what they are doing. Never looking back, glad to make the switch.

  106. Sergio G says:

    I usually don’t write reviews after such a short period, but I have to admit that after only 2-3 days of switching to SIteGround I have been quite impressed.

    Over the last few months I have switched 5 hosting providers: Intermedia (terrible), GoDaddy, BlueHost (nightmare), HostGator and finally SiteGround.

    From the above, BlueHost was the absolutely WORST experience ever.
    HostGator, although very good, lacks some of the features offered by SG, such as an excellent server-side spam fileter (SpamExperts) which works amazingly well (HG uses a clumsy and no so effective Apache SpamKiller). Also, the free daily backups is another feature that HG does not offer for free whereas is included as basic and free feature with SG.

    Website Transfer: Seamless. They did everything and within hours we could access the site to continue developing it. Everything was in place, email messages, users, etc. Nothing lost, no headaches.

    Support: So far seems top of the line. Chat support (which usually is not very good with most hosting companies) desserves five starts. Waiting time is usually is less than a minute (perhaps 10-15 seconds). The guys from chat support know what they are doing (they are not just beginners with no knowledge hiding behind a screen).

    Hosting features: they seem to cover most aspects, but I haven’t explored them yet.
    Pricing: very competitive and lower than many similar companies offering less services/features.

    For the rest, it would be to early to evaluate site speed, uptime and other items as our new site has not gone live yet. But after several bad experiences with hosting companies I can only regret not having switched to SIteGround before.

    I admit that I had some sort of prejudice about a company whose technical support was not based on the US, as is the case with SG. In that regard I was totally wrong, as they provide excellent service 24/7.

    I will update my review in a few months after checking and testing everything they offer.

  107. Carolyn Charles Ozubele says:

    Hey guys,am new to the world of blogging, hosting and the rest. I decided to try everything by myself, first i was fustrated to buy my domain and hosting, only siteground made it easy as a novice. Then i decided to build my worldpress website myself, along the lines, I must have done something wrong and was restricted from logging into my account. it was siteground that came to my rescue within minutes and i could log in immediately. Thank you guys.

  108. joshua says:

    Had an issue with my site, it was cloned on my old server so I had same problem in two places, one hosted with Siteground and the other with Hostmonster. I chatted with Siteground and they fixed it in 6 minutes. I called Hostmonster and it took them 22 minutes to solve, even after I told them how the Siteground guys did it. Really fast and knowledgeable Siteground team, I’m glad I switched. Not to mentioned the servers are faster when it comes to my Magento 2 shopping cart.

  109. M C Ertem says:

    Wonderful customer service!!! I am so glad I transitioned to SG from EasyCGI. Every single time I needed support, the agent at the other end of the chat was knowledgable, professional, courteous, and either fixed the problem or helped me fix a problem at my end!!! I love SG so far, thank you. I wish I had migrated years ago!

  110. inam says:

    Awesome services as always, happy to be part of siteground.

  111. Lindsey says:

    SiteGround support is awesome. They stay with you until your issue has been resolved. Very professional and friendly.

  112. Ashley Renne says:

    I am so grateful that my friend convinced me to switch hositng! I was using GoDaddy and they had the worst customer service. My site kept going down daily and that’s when I knew it was time to switch. SiteGround is so much better. Everyone is friendlier and so helpful. They were able to seamlessly get everything transferred for me. And they don’t nickel and dime you for every little thing…

  113. ash says:

    as always, fast support. Never disappointed. Love SG.

  114. Mike says:

    Just switched hosting providers. The old one had abysmal customer support and out of date technology. Complete opposite with SiteGround. Had my new site up and ready for content in 5 minutes. Latest versions of server side software and ease in upgrading. Support afterwards has been great especially from Whitney. Response time for initial contact is less then a minute by phone and follow up on ticket dialog is back in 20 minutes or less.

  115. Reza says:

    Hi, i just chated to George at SiteGround. He helped me quickly with my technical issues.
    So far i have been extremly satisfied with SiteGround and the super livechat.

  116. Joanna K says:

    Great and fast support over chat! Kudos to your agent Stelios E. who understood and completed my request without any delays! 🙂 🙂

  117. Susan says:

    Not sure why I got sent here to leave review since I have a WordPress site at Siteground. So I’ll just speak to the technical assistance, with which I’m very happy. I’m a 60s something ex-Fortran programmer, and sometimes it’s really hard to deal with all the hidden moving parts in this environment. I’ve found that most of the Siteground tech people, in addition to helping me fix the problem I actually have, are willing to answer my tangential questions. Very grateful for that.

  118. Ryan says:

    My credit card was charged for auto-renewal on an account I no longer wanted to renew. While I was initially a bit upset that I did not authorize this charge (at least not intentionally) — I was very pleased that I was able to chat with someone immediately at an hour businesses are usually closed and have the full refund processed to my credit account. On the other hand — if I was doing business via an important website and I had forgotten to renew, I would have been thankful for the company remembering to auto-renew my account so that my business operations would not be shut down, so I guess this is a happy medium that Site Ground was willing to reverse the charge with no questions asked.

    Because of this customer service experience, I am very likely to consider them the next time I decide to start a project that requires web hosting.

  119. Doeye says:

    Siteground is echt een geweldig bedrijf! Ik ben heel erg blij dat ik hier ooit terecht ben gekomen. Ze doen echt alles voor je en geven je het gevoel dat ze nog veel meer willen doen. Opzoek naar webhosing dit is zeker de beste keuze! En goedkoop, zeker voor wat je krijgt

  120. jessica says:

    I received such good help from site ground technical assistance, they are by far the most efficient! I highly recommend SiteGround!

  121. Danielle says:

    I Love SiteGround I love the live chat and always get really helpful advice

  122. Ms. Green says:

    I am sold, hands-down just on their amazing chat support service. I never wait more than a couple of minutes (usually less than one) and they are super responsive and very helpful. Not only that, but all my sites and client’s sites load faster, working on them is smoother and I always know the SiteGround Support is amazing so if I have a problem, they are TOTALLY on it!!

    This is at least the second time I’ve chatted with Momchil and he is very professional, friendly and helpful. You guys have a great team there – I’m telling everyone about you guys! 🙂

  123. Avdhesh Tondak says:

    You know what I really like about SiteGround? It’s the chat support service. It’s quick, easy and kind of personal. You feel like you’re talking to a friend. Todor, Dimitar, Stefani..these are just some of the names of super helpful people in the team. The list of names is endless. I am very happy that I switched to SiteGround. Highly recommended.
    SiteGround Rocks!

  124. Barbara Celestino says:

    Support at SiteGround is Amazing. My knowledge of Jumla is very limited and SiteGround is always there to fix any problems or questions I have immediately. Best support team in the industry.

  125. Bob says:

    Oh and did I mention my page load times decreased my 80%

  126. Bob says:

    I cannot say enough good things about siteground. The support and pre sales have been amazing. I have not seen anything that comes close to this kind of customer service. My previous provider (Netsol) I would have to wait days and even weeks to fix a minor issue and most times after waiting that long I would get either no response or problem not found. For years I have endured this. I will be moving my 30+ sites here soon.

  127. David says:

    Spent a half hour with Antonia P. She was polite and intelligent. I’ve been so unhappy with godaddy, and even though they have above average customer service, the actual service I get is subpar. They just wiped out my entire account with half a dozen websites that won’t be easy to rebuild, and didn’t offer me anything. The rep just said “don’t forget to give me a good review”. I’ve been hosting another company’s site with SiteGround for almost a year and I was just lazy not to move over earlier. I’m happy that I’m here now. Feels like home.

  128. Bob Sprague says:

    I recently had issues in transferring my site from http to https requiring three tickets and two site restores (one I did). In reviewing how my issues were handled, I offered constructive feedback to Leonid, a technical support supervisor, so that his staff could improve. He welcomed my suggestions and said he would be sharing them with staff. This is what listening to your customers means. I remain a strong supporter of SiteGround.

  129. Langley says:

    Siteground support is support excellent. The Siteground team will always kind, friendly and patient and sort out any problem however simple or complicated.

  130. Azeez Onayiga says:

    WOW…Site Ground is simply amazing. I have done lots of live chat but Site Ground stands out in all. Super customer service…

  131. Paul says:

    Needed some help getting my email account setup through Outlook App on my new Samsung phone and Siteground’s Chat Assistance worked like a charm!!! They helped get settings right on and turned off WIFI to allow data to transmit due to ISP protocols. Nice work SG!

  132. Omri Lewin says:

    Perfect !
    when a support chat is perfect, there is not much one can say about it…

  133. Timothy Anderson says:

    Coming off a very bad set of experiences with other providers – new to SiteGround and already dazzled by their care, clarity, and amazing speed!

  134. Mike says:

    I am in the process of moving my site and domain to SiteGround because the support at Webs for the last two years was essentially non-existent. So far, support at SiteGround has been excellent.

  135. Flo says:

    Very helpful! Excellent support.

  136. Joseph says:

    SiteGround is by FAR the best web host I’ve ever used, and I’ve been using hosts since 2000. They are friendly, knowledgeable, fast and efficient. They have never told me “no” with any request I’ve made of them. And if it’s an outside the box type issue they work until they find a solution, which is completely refreshing in a web host.

    As I told the last tech I spoke with, and as most of you know already, web hosts can make or break you. I’m so glad I ran across SiteGround and am in the process of moving all my sites over to them.

  137. paty aranda says:

    awesome service! they are so kind and helpful! Great hosting!

  138. Ragnar says:

    They are just the best, love those guys!

  139. Peter Charalambos says:

    I have to say that Allesandro helped me sooo much….give him a pay rise…he worked beyond the call of duty

  140. Waleed says:

    Excellent Support and they are really here to support you and back your business up. Thanks SiteGround

  141. Nicky says:

    SiteGround has got very good introductory price for hosting plans. Their awesome support service is a big plus for this company. two three times i had few issues, i logged into live chat, within few seconds i got a prompt response and to my surprise , the issues got solved within minutes. I highly recommend them for newbie bloggers who are less technical. keep up the work!

  142. Ela says:

    The support for your hosting is one of the most important things. The only thing I can say is that SiteGround has the best support team I have ever experienced, by far!

    I strongly recommend SiteGround!

  143. Janice says:

    I will always recommend Siteground, the staff members are super helpful. They solve my problems as soon as possible and there always be someone at the office to answer your questions. The best hosting company ever!

  144. Maggie says:

    Siteground makes every other hosting company I’ve used look like rank amateurs. Their service is just astonishing.

  145. Paul says:

    Rapid response to support ticket and perfect solution first time. 5 stars!

  146. Dominick says:

    Simply, Siteground support is among the best support out there. Top quality, and good rates.

  147. Ady says:

    Incredibly helpful thorough and patient! the best!

  148. David Izaguirre says:

    Simplemente genial la atencion al cliente, es tan raro en estos dias encontrar un servicio asi de efectivo que te sorprende que las cosas se puedan solucionar tan facilmente, antes lo recomendaba, ahora que e visto que su servicio cliente es tan efectivo, lo recomiendo con mayor fuerzas. Mi unico limite fue el ingles que el mio es terrible, pero al final el operador fue muy pasiente y siempre hiso lo posible por entender bien y buscar una solucion.
    Estoy mas que satisfecho.

  149. WPMyWeb says:

    Their support is really awesome and far better than others. When I got any problem related to my site, they always fix it with no time via live chat. And their support ticket also works great way, and get reply within 15 minutes. SiteGround is highly recommended. 🙂

  150. JAMES BROWN says:

    thank u 4 the help I rate u at a five star

  151. Richard says:

    I’ve been with Siteground for over 5 years now and in that time, I’ve only had cause to ‘grumble’ once. Suffice to say, a quick email to them asking them to look into the problem again and hey presto, problem solved, advice given and harmony restored.

    Their’s always going to be times when things don’t go exactly as you may want (or expect), but it’s really good and reassuring that when things do go wrong, Siteground step up and solve it.

    I recommend Siteground wholeheartedly, my business wouldn’t be where it is today without their support and service.

  152. Max says:

    Amazing help from Toni – helped me with a number of things, very quick helpful and friendly


  153. Carla says:

    Konstantin, was so helpful. He made me feel like I was able to trust SiteGround with my hosting needs. After two day, I decided to jump on the band wagon and sign up for you all services. The customer service is what did it for me. I am excited about all of this, and I can’t wait to launch my site.

  154. Christian Campbell says:

    Really speedy set up, very intuitive, good features, attentive support.

  155. Gurubaran says:

    Siteground people have strong technical skill’s as well as kindness. I feel so happy to be their customer. State of art support.

  156. Helena says:

    I’ve just chatted with Bozhidar V. at the customer service and he’s been absolutely amazing! He’s been so helpful and lovely, helped me resolve the issue I had and overall I am so happy with the service at Siteground! Thank you again!

  157. Roger Boyle says:

    Careful and prompt attention. Very pleased.

  158. Ivan says:

    Just signed up, new mid level shared package and was trying to upgrade to Geeky level but via cPanel, cost was about $50 more than if starting fresh w/ new account (Geek). You can cancel via cPanel but chat window will pop up w/ friendly rep: why are you cancelling? After explaining, got my discount and dont needed to cancel and resign. Kudos for frexibility!

  159. Lisa Fourman says:

    I will always recommend SiteGround to whomever I come in contact with now. I just got out of a chat session with a customer support specialist (and I could not use that word better if I tried!) and Ivan was nothing but helpful. He made sure all of my questions were answered before we ended the session. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to move to SiteGround.

  160. Denis says:

    Ivan with the technical team was amazing in providing me customer service. He provided screenshots on how I could restore my website and was with me throughout the process. Best customer service I have had in a long long time.

  161. hans says:

    I just moved over from webhostingpad – and my website, without any other changes, loads so much faster!

    the move was absolutely hassle free with great support at every step.

    So far, so good! I really see where those 2$ a months siteground costs more went, and am happy to have decided to pay it!

  162. Daniel Fry says:

    I can honestly say that Siteground is totally amazing. I truly cannot speak more highly of the unrivalled quality of support. I have been using different hosts for the passed 20 years and have never experienced such high quality support. In fact, I can go as far as to say that I have never had support from any company, I have ever used, in any industry sector that has been as AMAZING as SITEGROUND. I signed up to their “Go Geek” web hosting (which is pretty much the cheapest hosting out there) and have received the best imaginable support service, on several occasions now I’ve used their Support Live Chat window. And every time the chat conversation has ended with me saying “Thank you so much! You are totally awesome!”.

  163. Angelica says:

    I have hosted my websites with other hosting providers. SiteGround outperforms them in these categories: Excellent customer service, prompt response system, and friendly chat services. My website are fast and responsive and my emails never bounce. I will be upgrading my services soon to “Go Geek”. Five Stars (* * * * *).

  164. Siteground customer service is really fentastic. They are honest in dealings.

  165. charles says:

    SiteGround is Best of the Best Service you can get. No other comparision so far. Bless their Team !

  166. Richard says:

    Very good chat about services, etc. Very knowledgeable and understood all my questions.

  167. David says:

    Rosita at SiteGround is the BEST!! She solved my issue that other tech support people could not. Thanks again!

  168. Jim Crocker says:

    Great to be hooked up with SG. Moved everything over via FTP. With a little help from my friends, everything is running like a clock. I opened a ticket and was very pleased with Ivan’s help and expertise. Way to go. Cheers, y’all! Jim in Montana

  169. Asif Nadeem says:

    Wonderful experience with Site ground team, we are doing garments exports to USA/Europe and I am sure we will be able to double our sales with help of Site ground support. Thanks

    Best Regards,
    Asif Nadeem

  170. Giulio says:

    SiteGround è spettacolare, oltre che per la facile gestione dei domini e delle relative installazioni, soprattutto per il suo customer service. Il supporto è immediato, cordiale e puntuale. I problemi vengono risolti in un “amen”.


  171. Mattia says:

    Awesome support. I always have prompt replies in chat for whatever question I have!

  172. Jim Wood says:

    Ebru was a star–we were having a difficult problem, which she was able to diagnose and very patiently helped us fix!

  173. Tim says:

    SiteGround is the best hosting company I have ever come across. It’s reasonably priced and their support is excellent. If I have a problem, it’s always solved fast and efficient. Cant say enough good things about these guys!

  174. Grayson says:

    Been with SG since 2003 or 2004. Trustworthy, reliable, fast support always. No reason to go anywhere else!

  175. sean says:

    I’ve just recently ‘back’ migrated from a VPS to Siteground. It’s been years since I’ve used shared hosting. Everytime I have a question, live chat has been EPICALLY good.

    Everyone is friendly. Responds quickly, and goes out of their way to try to make sure my questions are answered beyond what I asked in plain text (there is intuition by what I mean vs what I type, and they seem to get that).

    loving this so far! Wayyyyy better than Godaddy, Hostgator, or any of the ‘popular’ hosting providers.

  176. Peter says:

    SiteGround is simply the BEST host I have encountered, and I have been around for 15 years! – They exceed expectations on all levels: Speed, Communication skills, Technical skills, Customer Management, and on and on: As so many have said, this company does *everything* right, and we clearly should support them by showing them how much we appreciate what they are doing. If it wasn’t for them, I would have left the hosting scene a long time ago. They make it easy and fun!!!

  177. Mohammad says:

    I am sooo sooo happy on the services that i got from Marin to fixed up my site’s problem. By few minutes, Marin fixed the problem. Thanks Marin. Thanks site ground.

  178. Peter says:

    Extremely patient and helpful

  179. Sufi Shah says:

    Site ground has the most professional customer care service. I really like them and recommend them to new customers.

  180. Bjorn says:

    I was hosting a website on a very cheap host, had lots of downtime with shitty support. I am since this week with SiteGround, and I am just very happy from the start. Amazing support, very helpful staff and website is running smoother than ever before.
    They have an amazing service and I am just so happy now.

    Thank you!

  181. Danielle says:

    Great support and very quick response

  182. DigiAds says:

    Gabriela is a great help today. She helped me in fixing the SSL to work properly. Very fast and accommodating support. Cheers!!!

  183. John says:

    SiteGround has the the absolute best tech support! I used to be a godday customer… Never again, SiteGround is by far the best Joomla host.

  184. Russell says:

    I was initially cut off from chat after the greeting and gave a one star review. It wasn’t the girl Penka’s fault and when we managed to speak again she was really very helpful. Impressed so far.

  185. Bruce says:

    These guys are really excellent. I don’t know who put together this team but they are doing a great job. I’m very new to building websites and even though my questions weren’t
    directly related to the product they were providing, they still took the time to walk me
    through some of the basics on site building. I will definitely be back when I have my
    site up and running!

  186. Lewis says:

    I have been around the block with web hosting. Much of it is just plain bad – unreliable, dodgy deals to seduce you but that then slap you with huge bills forever more, periodic slowness – none of which you are forewarned of when you sign up. So it was a great relief to chat with Ervin. He was straightforward, clear and very helpful. He addressed all my concerns quickly and convincingly. Also glad to hear that Siteground is not part of the EIG behemoth (check it out) that manifests under several seemingly separate businesses – all having that same bad behaviour and suspect services that I now avoid like the plague. I am looking forward to a productive relationship with Siteground.

  187. vincent says:

    siteground supports is very timely. I basically use magento and wordpress. customer service is very patient and they listen to your problems and quickly provide viable solutions and advice. Highly recommended.

  188. Vincent Poirier says:

    The SiteGround support team is purely amazing and will go out of their way to help you out. Some other companies refuse to help us when the issue comes from a source other than themselves, the SiteGround team helped us many times even when the issue was entirely not our or their fault.

    5/5 Best hosting company ever.

  189. Steve S says:

    Blistering fast support ! This is a copy and paste of a ticket from today. I’ve just removed Ivan’s surname for politeness. Check the ticket posting and reply time…


    Posted On 7 Oct, 2016 08:56 CDT

    Can you please install PHP7 on this server ? We have it on our cloud account with you but it is not available on this dedicated server. We need to use it for one of our sites (not all) so we need to have it available in parralel with the existing php versions.



    Posted On 7 Oct, 2016 09:00 CDT
    Hello Steve,

    I have successfully installed the latest build of PHP 7, which is now available to choose from the PHP Version Manager tool in each of your cPanel accounts. Please check the results on your end.

    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards,

    Ivan D.
    Technical Support Team


  190. Gonzalo says:

    Great service, professionals, fast and effective. Awsome service

  191. ZZ says:

    Tervel did great job. Great expertise and Customer Service. Thank you!

  192. Jorge says:

    As many people have expressed before, I continue to host with SiteGround because every single time that I reach out to their tech support team they are fully dedicated to fix any challenges we face, and help me succeed. Thank you guys!

  193. Katherine says:

    We have been hosted with Siteground for over one year now. And our experience has been great; Siteground is an amazing host.The response time from customer/technical support has always been only a few minutes and every issue was dealt with expertly and smoothly. Siteground is easy to use, the tutorials are clear.The service they provide is second to none. We will continue to spread the word about Siteground as our favorite hosting company. Please keep up the good work.

  194. Dave Llewellyn says:

    As always, extremely great chat support.
    Chat Support Agent Emil handled my issue very quickly and explained things in a way I could understand.
    Always good experience with Siteground’s Chat Support as well as support using ‘Tickets’.
    Just another reason to stick with Siteground to host all my domains.

  195. Maria Furtado says:

    I have to give a huge Kudos to Stefan S and Aleksandar Rachev. I first registered one domain with GrowBig account. I was trying to merge it with WordPress. I ended up getting myself confused on why the two weren’t merging. with help ticket Aleksandar let my know my name serves were not matching up (Didn’t realize til recently that they even called to assist me). I tried a few things unsuccessfully and decided to go back to square one. I signed up with a StartUp and used a different end tag. It worked beautifully. I was perplexed yet relieved. Knowing I didn’t
    need two accounts I decided to cancel the GrowingBig account.Writing another help ticket enter Stefan S. He went above and beyond simple assistance. I explained what happened and what I was trying to do. Stefan kindly told me the options available, what could be done and explained every step. We were on chat for over 30 minutes while he helped me figure this out. He submiited a help ticket and oversaw it. In a nutshell, the two accounts were swapped and the one I was struggling with added on as addon. Received an fixit email from Aleksandar letting me know what he had done. Working in customer service these two were fantastic in my book its a 10/10. Thank you gentleman for restoring my faith in true customer service.

  196. Giuseppe Pignataro says:

    Siteground seems to be at another level over all the other hosting. The assistance is very good and fast and the hosting is really good.

  197. Joe Peters says:

    Fast responses to Support Tickets. Sometimes have to go back and forth a couple of times to make sure the support tech understands what we’re asking, but overall, very good.

    Happy with our SiteGround hosting and happy to recommend it to anyone needing a host.

  198. Ben says:

    I am amazed by the services and the assistance, quick and very efficiant.
    I am so pleased to be with SiteGround.

  199. Ikubod Jarvis says:

    Ivelin V. was extremely helpful today. Where the ticket system failed me (generic copy/paste answer that had very little to do with my issue in the first place), Ivelin helped me solve my issue in one short session, and even looked deeper in to the problem with me to solve it together! Teamwork in support-oriented IT is like a unicorn. I’m glad I managed to see that unicorn on siteground.

  200. Liam says:

    Truly unbeatable service. Every time I think I’m running in to a problem, Siteground’s there to help everything along. Worth every single penny.

  201. Joseph says:

    Quick response with a working solution

  202. Svein says:

    “Wait- I fix it” –
    The BEST team did it again!
    This time I hade a version upgrade needed – which left my page dead for a while.
    Contacted the support team – and the “greec” or “geek” conversation began –

    I cant a clue of that – so the guy said “wait, i fix it”. And “here is a link to a totourial if you ever want to fix it yourself”.

  203. Neo says:

    Best customer support ever!

  204. Nandan says:

    Best Chat Assistance I have ever seen. Good Work Site Ground, Keep it up.

  205. Bechir Shalja says:

    I’m really happy with the support of Siteground,especially with the last one support guy George T. from Bulgaria


  206. Ray says:

    I was amazed how Darko at SiteGround, went out of the way and provided me exceptional technical support for my Magento Platform and help me out. I was quite distress with an issue i was having and he took a personal interest and resolve it. I highly recommend SiteGround and specially their technical team in which Darko is the rising star for me today.

    Excellent hosting provider backed with a great team!

    Thanks Guys!

  207. Hendra says:

    All support team are always giving me their best support. Thank you so much guys ! I feel save and secure to host my all sites at SiteGround. Started with share hosting 2 years ago, I’m satisfied and now I’ve upgraded to cloud hosting. From my own experience, this is the best hosting that I can rely on. It’s Highly recommended !!!

  208. Wade says:

    Awesome to work with straight to the point and gets everything fixed

  209. Scott says:

    Krasimira F. from Siteground is the best! She took the time to really understand my problem and help me to understand how to fix it.

    I love Siteground and Krasimira F.

  210. Samwel dollah says:

    I have never been happy with any hosting company like siteground…just love the support and technical assistance given…You rock guys

  211. Josh says:

    Every single time I use the siteground online support chat I have been surprised at how quick, efficient, patient and slick the overall experience is. They provide an exemplary example of customer service at its absolute best. Just brilliant.

  212. Pablo Ajon says:

    I had Emil help me out and I have to say he was very helpful in helping me. Site ground has been the most response when comparing to some of the other hosting companies I have used before.

  213. Drew says:

    Siteground Tech Support is excellent. I have worked with other webhosts and these folks are quick, efficient and good at getting your issues resolved!

  214. Mike Benstead says:

    My magento website used to run very slowly until I moved to SiteGround.
    Now pages load almost instantly!
    The support was also great – they took care of all aspects of the move and within 12 hours my site had been transferred from my old host to SiteGround and was up and running.

    Vert impressed.


  215. Paul G. says:

    Rumen T. at Siteground has gone out of his way to provide me with the best solution and service. Been here for many years, planning on staying! Thank you Rumen.

  216. Alex Morris says:

    I really can’t rate them enough. I know nothing about web design/dev and the team has been so helpful and readily available whenever I need them. If you need hosting, these are the guys to turn to!

  217. Jon Dunn says:

    Siteground is awesome. I wish I would have used them for my WordPress hosting a long time ago.

  218. Melissa says:

    Best customer service ever! Every customer service representative that I have talked to, have been very useful!I transfer my website to SiteGround very easily with their help.

  219. Todd says:

    Everyone at SiteGround was really professional and responsive to my needs. I’ve been struggling with getting WordPress to run fast on dedicated servers that I lease for other business needs and after a successful migration over to SiteGround my worries are now over. The caching engine SiteGround has in place works much better and combined with the CDN service with CloudFlare they have integrated I’m very pleased. The account tools are easy to use and support is always their to direct you along the way.

  220. Mehran says:

    Emil was absolutely great. He quickly resolved my issue and answered a couple of unrelated questions I asked as well. It was a great chat session!

  221. Susan Berkery says:

    I’ve been very happy with siteground. I’m supporting a small, low traffic website for a piano teacher so my demands are not intensive, but performance is good, customer support is generally excellent, and cost is low.

  222. Jurgen Gaeremyn says:

    Great support: hardly any delay + friendly tech team + to the point solutions.
    Bottom line: unbeatable support!

  223. Maria says:

    Very grateful to Emil who did his very best to help me and provided ways leading me to solve password issue with Envira. Thank you very much!

  224. Stefan Warum says:

    SiteGround Support is the very best support I know – extremely quick, and they always go above and beyond what they are supposed to in order to help me out. So many times, my problem hasn’t been on SiteGround, but with a third party software, and still they did a quick research and told me how to solve it. This is beyond awesome! Big Thumbs Up!

  225. Lauren Parr says:

    Best customer service EVER! I have had several technical issues this week (all my own fault) which they resolved for me so quickly. The live chat gets answeres so fast, and everyone is so helpful. Thank you!

  226. Georgi Yordanov says:

    Georgi D. is the best support i could have today! He helped me really fast and made my day much better! I am happy and satisfied! 5 STARS

  227. Hege says:

    Got REALLY good service from Dimitar today. I have to give thumbs up for the service on Live Support. Rare phenomenon receiving great service anywhere these days 🙂
    Love Siteground, I have been with these guys for years now.
    My sites recently got hacked, like all of them but I have to say they helped me through it the best they could, although I would prefer this problem not happening ever.

    The only thing they need to be complete is exactly that: hacking resolution service. Their partner Sucuri seems GREAT, but super expensive. I hired a in-house tech for a fraction of what it would have cost me to use their services online.
    A monthly service would probably have helped me, but they only have annual payment options that brought me to about 4000 USD to clean my hacked sites.

    I am not leaving Siteground ever if they keep this up 🙂


  228. Burc says:

    What you like to have from a hosting service? 7/24 support. Siteground really rocks in this! I always got more information then I asked and chat support replied me in less than 30 seconds.

    Nice to see there are such companies that still exist.

  229. Gabriella says:

    I recently changed host by transferring my website to Siteground, I choose joomla hosting plan “GrowBig”. They were very helpful and very fast in replying.

    Before transferring my website, I made a site speed analysis with the two ratings were D and F. After passing to siteground server, with no change to the website except for deactivating a plugin, I see a real improvement on pages, they load faster then before. Gtmetrix rating improved to C and C.

    Through their tutorials and knowledge base available for everyone, I also discovered some additional tips I didn’t know before to further improve speed website. My plan also includes a basic SSL encription for the entire website, I like to have it. I test it on a website and it gives A rating according to 4 criteria, so it seems also very good and functioning.

    They automatically make a daily backup of the entire website and that it’s possibile to restore up to a 30 days old backup. I didn’t use this function till now but for me it’s good to have it in case of needs.

  230. siraj sarang says:

    Fabulous!!!… The best service I can get…Kate was very helpful.I was able to recover my data of website in no time….Appreciate.
    Siraj Sarang

  231. Carol says:

    At 11 pm my time I got service immediately, got cut off after 12 min BUT Went back in and they re-hooked me up with the same operator…AWESOME I love, love, love the customer service.

  232. Bradley Kaufman says:

    Wow, there service is AMAAZING!!

  233. Frithjof says:

    I’m in the process of moving several WordPress sites to SiteGround and the support I receive from the team is phenomenal!

  234. Francisco Reyes says:

    Gergana awesome… Very helpful and friendly… Great and fast billing support!

  235. Jay says:

    Siteground is the best so far I have seen. My experience with the team is excellent. Siteground team has taken care of all my requests quickly and helped to solve the issues.

    I transferred my site from Justhost (where the site was desperately slow) with the help of siteground team. They did the site transfer free! After transferring the site, I noticed a sharp increase in the performance especially, the site speed has increased. Now my site loads quickly.

    Response from the team is awesome! Really satisfied with the Siteground service and strongly recommend for newbies. Thanks to the Siteground team!

  236. Mizo Kids Games says:

    It’s 100% reliable and 100% faster and 100% Powerful, indeed you won’t regret moving to SiteGround ever never!

  237. Ann says:

    Tech support was FANTASTIC!!! They reversed some things that I messed up, migrated a site and were so cordial on the phone. They responded to my ticket almost immediately to clarify my needs. Their support more than paid for my hosting account and I would gladly recommend them. Thanks SiteGround!

  238. Don says:

    Will eventually move all services to SiteGround. Head and shoulders above all the rest in all areas.

  239. Bonnie Unsworth says:

    I’ve used hosting companies since 1995-many. Site Ground is by far the best. Their tech support is immediate and right on.

  240. Lukasz says:

    Siteground is the best hosting I have used ever (I have use many in last 3 years). Super fast hosting plus even faster support. I just cant belive how super friendly support is here. 5 stars from me on Trustpilot, thanks guys!:)

  241. Mirco says:

    Siteground is THE BEST and the FASTEST site of the world. The technical help staff in kind, professional and helps you friendly for every request. Excited about theyr services, I’ll choose them in future for other works.

  242. Kameel says:

    Today I needed a help from SiteGround for technical issue, I used the live chat and one of SiteGround agents her name is Stanimira S. helped me a lot to resolve my website technical Issue, I want to thank her a lot for her help and support.

  243. Ranjeet says:

    Siteground’s employee are ghost and they are available all time. Awesome Support! Very Fast Hosting. Its a Jet.

  244. Sebastian Sanchez says:

    Svet and the other guy before were extremely helpful in the chat. I’m happy I have siteground as a host.

  245. Tania says:

    I love these guys. I have a fairly new website and really lucked out with Siteground. I have no technical savvy at all so I really appreciate the Live Chat and it’s super fast, friendly and they are so patient with my lack of knowledge helping me to figure things out when I haven’t a clue what I’m doing!! Awesome hosting A+++

  246. Isaac says:

    I’ve hosted me with several suppliers.
    SiteGround has provided me by far the best support.
    Chats in Spanish both as to raise tickets in English, no matter the language support has always been the best

  247. Matt says:

    Thanks Alexander. Siteground is the absolute best Joomla host.

  248. caterina vetro says:

    thanks for the very effecient high qaulity servive 5 starts

  249. Chris says:

    This was a no brainer – awesome customer service. Easy setup, and their tech did a great job helping me getting 3 sites trasferred with minimal disruption.

  250. Andy R says:

    Superb customer service from Ervan. I’m really looking forward to being a customer of SiteGround with the aim of delivering a better service to our customers and potential customers.

  251. Len says:

    Kamen G handled my matter with absolute professional quality. He deserves to be elevated to a SENIOR ASSISTANT….

  252. boysmum says:

    awesome customer service – always available and always solve the problem. A+++ for support.

  253. Ivan says:

    I had many other Hosting..that they promised whistle and bells to justify preicey hosting account…Since I’m with Siteground..I’m having the best service ever! Well done! Keep going guys!

  254. Tunde says:

    You guys at siteground are great. Never experienced customer care so good. Questions are answered on time expertly. Id definately do my best to pattern my companys customer care after yours. Big ups to you all 5 stars all the way, every single time.

  255. Cary says:

    Cesar C was helpful and polite! He also looked into my issue and took the time to resolve it. If it weren’t for him I was close to closing my account!

  256. Damian says:

    I have been using siteground as my first hosting provider. Their live chat support is so great that it gave me chills the last time I asked for help. Best customer service so far 5/5!

  257. Alfred says:

    I always have received excellent support from SiteGround from inquiring setting up an account to help with transferring my WordPress site. I’ve saved a lot of time with the help of their technical team. I feel like I can always count on them. Great job SiteGround!

  258. Christophe Keller says:

    Every time I need to contact support I am glad I have chosen Sitegound. The support staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and forthcoming. And the hosting is top notch!

    Thanks a lot!

  259. sellkorea says:

    Oh, thank you! I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. Penka B., I have been very moved by your support and kind words. She looks like a little angel. She’s a specialist at this kind of thing. Thanks to her, I feel that my work is finished, satisfactorily, I trust.

  260. Jennifer says:

    I love Siteground! I switched from Bluehost and I can’t express my joy in words how happy I am! Thank you so much for all you do. The support is FANTASTIC! I have all WordPress sites. You can’t go wrong with Siteground.

  261. Bobby S says:

    I have had other host over time and never had the level of quick support and technical know how as Sitegound. I am very please with them on all aspects.

  262. Ingrid says:

    Wow. Chat was awesome, they fixed a domain name problem I had and offered me a free new domain name as I had just joined up. Super quick, super service, so amazing! Well done, siteground!

  263. Steve Madden says:

    Darko was knowledgeable, understood my issues immediately, and assisted with both information and moved some files before I needed to. Excellent service. I salute Darko and Siteground.

  264. Ron Samuel says:


  265. Lucy says:

    I would like to personally thank Dimitar for helping me fix an issue which I had been working on with other reps for hours and hours. He was a fantastic help and had excellent knowledge. Five stars for Dimitar for sure!

  266. Alfredo says:

    Siteground’s support team members are fantastic! They have provided guidance on a number of occasions, as I brought up my company’s website. But you only find out how exceptional they are if your site goes down (in this case, due to a fatal error generated, following a WordPress plugin upgrade). Evgeni Z was fantastic and helped me get our site restored.
    Many thanks to you Evgeni and SiteGround!

  267. Al says:

    Called Ervin for assistance on a problem not related to their hosting, and within seconds, he pinpointed the problem! As always, their chat support is the best (around 3 seconds to get a technician) and the support is excellent! I’ve been with SG for many years and was never disappointed with their support via their chat or ticketing system! I would strongly recommend SiteGround to Joomla, WordPress, and Magento users! Thank you SiteGround!

  268. Aimee Michelle Bridal says:

    Valezer answered all our questioned and integration of Magento for us. Top shelf reps!!

  269. chris says:

    those guys are awsome . had a very special issue about a wordpress plugin.
    they could solve the problem within 1 hours . really great !!!

  270. Mary says:

    The support at SiteGround is absolutely top notch. Live chat support could not be any more helpful. As a prospective customer, I was asking a lot of questions through separate chat conversations. Once I was connected to someone and they saw I had previously spoken to someone else they immediately transferred me to the original person. I asked a man named Konstantin plenty of questions, and he gave me very detailed responses. I asked to see examples of sites using SiteGround and he sent me a handful of urls. I’m very happy with the timely and friendly help from SiteGround, and I’m really looking forward to having a website with them.

  271. Todd Schick says:

    Used live chat and tech support to set up a dev site.

    These guys were fast, friendly, thorough and uber professional. So happy to be with Siteground hosting….and MAN is my site fast! Giddyup.

    I’ve had many hosting providers in the past and I have to say these guys surpass anything I’ve experienced before with respect to service and support.

    Top marks!


  272. Tarek says:

    After trying many web hosting services, I decided after 3 months to use siteground.
    I tried hostgator and Bluehost before. Hostagtor support is very slow compared to less than one minute waiting time for Siteground.
    Bluehost has many technical problems such as the availability of my website. I experienced almost daily outage on Bluehost.
    I am now happy and satified with siteground. They are also friendly and efficient

  273. Diana says:

    Still debating to buy my website plan, but not because of the service…just defining the domain name. I want to personally thank Boris K for his outstanding support answering every possible question I had about the domains and services, even giving his two cents worth on my possible domain name. With service like this you can´t go wrong! Thanks once more!!!

  274. Lyubomir Radev says:

    Kostadin did spend close to 2 hours with me today to solve all of my technical problems. He was very courteous and professional and I am very glad that I have transferred to your hosting company from HostGator. Also I want to recognize the great tech support and customer services of Todor P. and Ivan P. who also like Kostadin took the time to address all of my issues. Being a customer of Siteground for just 2 days, I can already say that I made the right investment, and I will certainly share my positive experience with my friends and co-workers.


    Lyubomir Radev

  275. Maria says:

    I had a live chat with one of SiteGround helping to give answers to my endless 🙂 questions. They supported me with professionalism and subjectivity within minutes showing alternatives and further steps. I can only strongly recommend these professionals to anyone

  276. khaled msmlyu says:

    Every time I deal with customer service, and I find this deal upscale and fast and excellent and effective, I ask myself what I was doing with to ten miserable years.

    I should have to try my SiteGround from a long time ago.

    I start with SiteGround from 2 weeks , and i very happy with them.

  277. Alex says:

    he is very fast and kind. The perfect way for a good customer service !

  278. Erin says:

    I’ve had nothing but the best service from SiteGround. They go over and above to help me with the biggest and smallest problems, every time. Could not be happier with the service they provide, SiteGround has a lifetime customer in me.

  279. Mustapha B Mugisa says:

    SG offers premium support, you cannot find any where else. The convenience this gives is worth more than US $500 per fix. If you need convenience, peace of mind that any glitch will be fixed by some of the best experts available on the planet, host with SG. They just have capabilities for hosting and web business. So, why pay elsewhere to save little money, when SG is available 24/7 to help with any technical glitch?

  280. Michael G says:

    I had used SiteGround to create and host a domain for a business that never got off the ground in 2014. Searching google for “best web host 2016” can bring conflicting reviews and ratings and make the choice very confusing. I decided to stick with what I know and am happy with SiteGround. I had to contact support regarding an issue and was extremely impressed how long the support agent stayed with me in Live Chat. Prices are fair and competitive and services offered are excellent.

  281. Dave says:

    SiteGround is always there to give you the best support!

  282. Joe says:

    Excellent responses – fast – right on target. Nice work Hristina!

  283. Brittany says:

    Tanya was so helpful and pleasant to work with. She stayed online chatting with me for quite some time. She helped me navigate the terms of service agreement, figure out the best plan for my needs, and she did so without making a inexperienced newcomer like myself feel ignorant. I am so excited about this new journey, and I am excited to start with this level of customer support.

  284. Anthony Brown says:

    Once again Siteground saves the day, I crashed my site and they fixed it within minutes! I wonder if super hero capes are part of their work uniform 🙂

  285. Fabrzio says:

    The best customer support I ever experienced before: kind & knowledgeable

  286. Jim Hull says:

    Once again site ground help me on my way to a solution to a troublesome problem

  287. Lane Guin says:

    I’ve had nothing but very positive results when I’ve accessed Live Chat at Site Ground. First of all you don’t have to wait a lifetime like other major hosting companies. And when you get the Support person online, they’re extremely helpful! I recommend them highly!

  288. J-Laurent says:

    I was in big trouble and the hotline guy gave me all a support… Never got this kind of help with other providers. SiteGround is really an incredible company with incredible people… Don’t change anything, please.

  289. jehzlau says:

    At siteground, all my questions are resolved really fast, like in an instant. 😀

  290. Peter Host24biz says:

    I came 2 years ago from Hostgator and Inmotionhosting , I owned ther shared, then vps and finally dedicated , support was at the beginning 7 years ago acceptable but then it becomes a nightmare , server down , hacked etc…1 hour waiting for chat support , then 1 day more for no solutions paid much money spend lot of time issues not resolved.. then I had enough and went to Siteground who have a very speed Chat support , and ticket support is also amazing nothing to due with other hosting comp…. NOt all at siteground are 5 Star rated from , me but 98 % have 5 Stars ….2 % have 4 stars , But just want to say Siteground are the best solution you could have if you run CMS, like joomla, wordpress, etc….I just upgraded to vps today and hope now of a long future with prompt reaction where other sleeps siteground acts. Thanks Siteground

  291. Jeremy says:

    Hi, I had a programmer updating a Drupal Site from D6 to D7, there was chaos. I spoke with Dessy and we restored everything in less than 30 minutes to yesterday’s site. Amazing support…

  292. mickias says:

    wow. you guys are the best. i had a problem with my joomla site and submitted a ticket and it didn’t even take them more than 10 minutes to solve my problem. amazing support. i highly recommend anybody to use there services. The best hosting company end of conversation!

  293. Islam Nabil says:

    SiteGround has a professional support team!

    Thank you

  294. Louis says:

    Support is great. Awesome people.

  295. Theresa says:

    Siteground is great. I am new to web design and love it. I even upgraded to GrowBig account and added more domains easily at a great price. Support overall is wonderful. They are fast and knowledgeable assistance. Siteground also has an easy to use user interface.

  296. Mike says:

    I’ve recently started up on SiteGround and can honestly say I’ve never had such responsive and professional help before online. Even better than some large companies like GoDaddy!

    Kamen took his time walking me through the creation and importing of my website database among a few other things.

    Thanks again to the team at SiteGround!

  297. Isabel says:

    Site Ground is the absolute best. Dimitar is an excellent service rep. He goes above and beyond to provide assistance. It is because of service like the one that Dimitar offers it’s clients that Siteground thrives. Thanks again for your great service. Please do not ever change. Thank you.

  298. Roch says:

    I have always had such good customer service here. I would never change for that alone. Thanks for the help on all matters no matter how big or small.

  299. GWP says:

    I’m in my second year as a Siteground member. I can’t imagine switching services. How do you improve perfect?

  300. david says:

    This guys really know what they are doing, best of all they want to help you grow not just make sales.

  301. Dmitri says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE siteground. Always fast responses and knowledgeable staff, unlike many other hosting companies I tried. 1and1 support didn’t even know the difference between byte and kilobyte…
    Another company had their support in India and Philippines and those couldn’t even speak proper English so it was impossible to communicate with them.

    Siteground is the best!!

  302. Dirk says:

    SiteGround support is unlike anything I have experienced. Excellent, informative, promptly dealing with issues that are quite complex (to me at least), making them seem very simple in the end. Kris spent the last 50 minutes busy helping me, answering all my questions… and I’m not even a customer YET! But I most certainly will be soon.

  303. Alex says:

    Very good customer support, i’m very happy of Siteground.

  304. Luba says:

    Had been in contact with Joomla live chat several times. Satisfied with the quality of the service at Siteground help. Always competent advice.

  305. Govind says:

    The following time I learn the weolbg, I hope which it doesnt dissatisfy me as considerably while this 1. I imply, I know it had been my choice to learn, nevertheless I seriously thought youd have something fascinating to express. All My partner and i hear is really a bunch associated with whining regarding thing that you can possibly fix in case you werent also busy in search of attention.

  306. Michael says:

    Hi Guys,

    Siteground is the best hosting I have ever contacted before. Support works perfectly 24/7, they are very friendly, give their best to make your life easier. In case of any troubles they are very open to help and to give even free additional support, for which you would have to pay if you would have hosting elsewhere. Appreciate your service and support!

  307. Sashi says:

    Miroslav is a Geek good substitute of Mark Zuckerberg.

  308. Sandy says:

    Fast, accurate answers.

  309. Special Thanks to Siteground Support Team! says:

    Special thanks to Elena Chavdarova, today she help me a lot with my so many complicated issue, she is very helpful, patient, professional and prompt for reply, thanks to Simona Yosifova too, she is helpful too. Thanks to all others from Siteground too who help me before. Thanks so much!

    Siteground really super good in support, all their customer services very powerful, professional and helpful. They reply very fast and very professional. Thus I Never think to switch to any others hosting provider anymore after with Siteground. I really loved Siteground so much!

    Highly Recommended to all others people who still not with Siteground, I swear you will love Siteground if you try them up.

  310. ruben says:

    Great costumer service. I came from GoDaddy and I’ll never look back. I wenst from a server shared with 300.000 (!) on godaddy to a server shared with 9 others on siteground. A lot faster and superb support.

  311. Kristina says:

    First taste of the customer service at Siteground and I’m blown away!! Thanks so much, you have given this non tech head great confidence in making the move to a new web host!! Cheers!!!

  312. Matt says:

    Siteground is #1 for hosting Joomla, PERIOD. If you’re even questioning your host, switch to siteground. In fact, just go to their site, click on support and ask them a few questions. They are Awesome. Dealing with them is so easy. There are other good hosts. Siteground is Great!

  313. Theticus says:

    SiteGround is pretty good this far and very happy with it. My only bad point is, the CHAT system is horrible as far as I’m concern. There’s no format to keep and you can do CR+LF function and its so hard to read when you sent the nicely formatted paragraph.

    Plus, you can’t attach any file or photo or screenshot to show the problem. Please fix the CHAT program. Apart from that, I’m happy with SG. 5 stars *****

  314. freddy covas says:

    SiteGround, great support team

  315. Nazim says:

    Fantastic live chat support from

  316. Giuseppe says:

    Very supportive and quick. Thumb up!!!

  317. Yvonne says:

    customer service = WOW.

  318. Asha says:

    Good service for personal use but for business usage worst service.
    esp check this long conversation

  319. Arul says:

    Contacted SiteGround with the view to transfer from HostGator. Initial support was excellent, and much better than HostGator and InMotion. Hope it stays this way going forward 🙂

  320. Valentina says:

    I found out Siteground some months ago, every time that I needed some help and support they were immediately there, price/quality superb! I strongly recommend it to all the people that need to start a new website and they don’t know which hosting chose, go for it, you’ll not regret it.

  321. Iwan says:

    Miroslav at Siteground is the best Customer Service I ever met and talked.

    He help me in all every aspect, Thanks a lot Miroslav and God Bless you and your family all the time.

  322. Iskandar says:

    I was pissed that my website did not load and i went on to write on wordpad a long pissed letter off with a few f bombs in it and i copy-pasted it and sent it to sales department,billings,technical, everybody!

    then i opened up live chat and copy pasted it… and this shift team leader just said calmly:

    First off, please mind your language, this is a business conversation…

    I got knocked back to my sense and from there, we work out the cause of my problem.. Site ground… there is nothing wrong with siteground staffs.. they are really helpful.

    Thank you IVAN. you 25 year old grandpa you!

  323. Fantastic support!

  324. Enock says:

    Every time I have a problem, Siteground support replies straight away with a fix. Their support is the best I’ve ever had. No one else even comes close.

    Thanks guys for the extraordinary support

  325. Rod says:

    I had 2 web hosts which I am currently in the process of leaving and transferring all my websites over to SiteGround.

    The only regret I have about SiteGround is I wish I had found them sooner. Great great support,the best I have experienced to date. Easy to use, excellent service.

  326. Otto Akama says:

    Awesome customer service

  327. DL says:

    Denitsa was amazingly fast! I asked my question and literally in seconds, she had the issue fixed for me (an issue I caused by the way). I asked several questions because she knew her stuff so well. Amazing. So glad I found Site Ground, but moreso Denitsa.

  328. simone says:

    Only great People working there… 10 stars

  329. James Paris says:

    Siteground’s support is second to none. Loyal customer after 10+ years hosting with multiple, well know competitors. Siteground set the new bar.

  330. Miguel Costa says:

    Excellent service and very helpful. I promising start!

  331. george says:

    SiteGround’s chat help was awesome. Their response was immediate and absolutely helpful!
    Congrats on them!

  332. brenton says:

    The pre-sales rep answered all of my WP questions quickly and efficiently. Gave some helpful hints I didnt think off.

    Fast, efficient and helpful.

    All good.

  333. Brien says:

    As a newbie I am very impressed and pleased with Siteground services. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  334. Ferdinando says:

    indeed the best hosting I’ve tried, wonderful service for all types of problmea, really phenomenal

  335. GLENN QUINN says:

    Fast efficient friendly service with a quick response to queries. I enjoy their service and am always happy to refer business their way.

  336. Rubinah says:

    Every time I have a problem, Siteground support replies straight away with a fix. Their support is the best I’ve ever had. No one else even comes close.

  337. Jana says:

    The live chat (support service) with siteground was really helpful, definitely sitground was a very good choice.

  338. Konrad Dobson says:

    Siteground support has to be the best online support I’ve come across to date. Always extremely helpful and very friendly. If all online support could be like them, the world would be a better place 😉 Thanks to Tanya for the latest lifesaving!

  339. Chris says:

    Brilliant support.

    I have recently moved over from another hosting provider and it’s been a good result. When I rang SiteGround today for support I got a person on the line almost immediately who understood the issue and raised an administrative activity. It was resolved in a few minutes.


  340. Laura says:

    Perfect live chat service would recommend using siteground to any one starting out

  341. mandar says:

    SiteGround’s chat help was superb!

  342. Sophie Hughes says:

    Paco was absolutely fantastic. He assisted me with all the little final pieces that I just couldn’t figure out, he was patient with me and made the experience far less stressful than it could have been.

    I have nothing but positive things to say about the company on a whole, I joined last night, I received a courtesy call this morning to make sure I was on track and i’ve had 2 fantastic experiences with their technical support staff. Thank you, thank you thank you!

  343. Sarah says:

    I am going to miss Siteground for the next 2 years I am going to be at Arvixe. Hopefully by the time I am coming back to Siteground their email allowance would have increased from 500MB which is the only reason i am leaving Siteground. Because I receive so many emails, I am having to delete important emails off the server and when I move laptops I also lose important information. Plus I was on a reseller package which i really didn’t like as I would like to manage my hosting myself and because I can’t move from under the reseller to my own package I have to leave.

    World class customer service and never a downtime for close to 3 years of hosting.

  344. Arnoldas Kaleda says:

    Siteground is the best hosting service out there no doubt.. Support is amazing, and even does some difficult tasks for you if you’re not good at computers.. 10/10

  345. Kim Sharp says:

    Stanislav G is AWESOME! I’ve chatted with him 3 times today and every time he was professional, and very competent and helped with every issue I was encountering. I’m thrilled with the Technical Assistance SiteGround has to offer! a thousand thumb’s up

  346. Web Design Portgual says:

    in all areas – nothing more, nothing less

  347. James says:

    Best hosting service available.

  348. Andrew says:

    Excellent hosting with fantastic chat support. I even had a long chat with a tech support person (Eva B.), then forgot to e-mail myself a transcript! Contacted Eva again, and she e-mailed me a copy immediately, saving me a lot of time. I highly recommend siteground.

  349. Tiziano says:

    They are always fast and helpful!

  350. Claudine Belhomme says:

    Just dealt with chat support. Incredibly supportive. Good answers… quick answers… complete answers… delivered with no sense that your million questions are taking up their time. Loved it.

  351. Hany A,Elmoaty says:

    it is good for me to start with them because they have malty options which and servers over the world
    thats make me feel safe

  352. Tecnologia Geek says:

    well..i have a vps at siteground, and i think is one of the best vps manage suppor i ever see, so iam happy with the suppor and the product i i hope to be here for lont time.

  353. Greg Malone says:

    As always, Siteground continues to have the best customer/tech support I’ve ever used.

  354. badcaos says:

    The pre buy service is amazing he spend 1 hour with me on chat answering correctly any of my question.. for now.. awesome..

  355. Kevin says:

    I’ve had my private family history wiki up there for two years now, and rarely has there been a burp. Tech support has been fast and helpful.

  356. Gary says:

    Moved to Siteground 6 years ago and never looked back. I have both Joomla and WordPress installs. Excellent install and management features and first class support. I have no intention of going anywhere else! Very highly recommended!

  357. Johan says:

    Fast Respond and Help to solve my problem.
    Many thanks to Support Team.

  358. Johnny says:

    always nice talking Support – and fast about answer support ticket – contiued with this – and im sure you all have a great future. *****

  359. Davide says:

    Siteground is by far the best hosting partner I have ever had. I want to thanks them very much because thanks to them I can sleep great at night.

  360. Helena says:

    Oh you guys and gals at SiteGround … you are Awesome!
    I have just started with you and you have truly impressed me and excelled in your customer support.
    You respond so quickly and you are so courteous and patient.
    What can I say … you are AWESOME!
    Thank you!

    p/s I don’t use Joomla. I do use WordPress … and you are still Awesome! 😀

  361. William says:

    Had a small login issue with a subdomain, you folks found the error and we had it resolved in less than 30 minutes.
    Siteground Support rocks!

  362. Ahmed Abrar says:

    I can not say more than perfect hosting company! These Live chat/support is perfect and they help and answer all my questions. I do not work with so many hosting companies, but Siteground with all support and features are best!!!

  363. Paola says:

    The best service ever!

  364. David says:

    I host several Joomla sites on Siteground, and manage site services for two clients who also host multiple sites on Siteground. Absolutely friction free experience, with *personal* support. Everything I want in a hosting provider.

  365. ZeD says:

    Ivan best man!
    Awesome supporter! Was friendly and really helpful!

    I made a pic in his honor:

  366. Dan says:

    Excellent customer support, helped me patiently with many of my questions.

  367. Carrie says:

    Again the support at SiteGround amazes me!!! In minutes a complex issue is solved, thank you again, can’t say it enough.

  368. Matt Haag says:

    In the past few months, I migrated my sites from Hostgator to Siteground due to the poor support provided by Hostgator.

    During the time that I have been with Siteground the support has been great.

    Why I am writing this review is because in a recent issue that I had getting a critical 3rd WP plugin I am using to function properly and the Siteground support team went far out of their way to help me get the issue resolved. It took a few escalations due to the complexity of the issue but the tech team got the issue resolved.

    I can’t thank them enough.


    Matt Haag

  369. Clintsweb says:

    Siteground is the best hosting I have used in the 16 years I have been on the web. Anton V is the man with tech support and customer service.

    Thanks for the great hosting Siteground

  370. diane says:

    I’ve had exceptional help and guidance as I try to set up a website as an absolute novice. Thank you for the patience of the team there …

  371. ahmed says:

    You have an amazing chat team. Resolved my issue very quickly. Keep up the good work 🙂

  372. Robby says:

    This a great hosting company. I have hosted with a few different companies over the years. SiteGround is the best by far! Customer service and tech support are always fantastic to deal with. My site has been up and running continually since I switched to SiteGround. No issues at all. Highly recommended!

  373. Jacob Andra says:

    SiteGround definitely employs no hyperbole when they claim to have the best service out there. It’s absolutely true. I switched from HostGator five months ago and the difference could not be more dramatic. As somewhat of a newbie to web hosting, I’ve needed a lot of hand-holding, and the SiteGround team has taken care of me every step of the way. Where HostGator would often take a day or more to respond to a support ticket (and even then, the response was often not at all helpful), SiteGround support personnel respond in a matter of minutes, and their responses are always spot on and helpful. Go SiteGround!

  374. Greg L says:

    Always answer support tickets extremely quickly! Quite pleased!

  375. Melita says:

    Siteground’s service is really good, they are always really helpful and contact is really swift and friendly.. I’ve never waited longer than 10 seconds to begin live chat, even when it says there are like 25 people in front of me 😮 and I’m only using the very cheapest service through Siteground, not the fancy ones. Definitely highly recommended!!

  376. Alexander says:

    Thank you, it is very kind of you to solve all my doubts and provide me an excellent assistance!

  377. Alessandro says:

    I never found a better hosting than siteground, I really proud to be their client, they are simply the best, professional,fast, secure, really really thank you

  378. Paula says:

    The support Team at SiteGround have ben so patient with my questions and at solving all the problems I am facing setting up my website. This has been a big learning curve for me. But you guys are wonderful!Thank You so much!x

  379. Brian says:

    I have excellent support from SiteGround every time I have asked. My sites are faster, more secure, and they are priced well. I will continue to move more sites to this platform.

    Thanks SiteGround!

  380. Anthony G. says:

    To: SiteGround Tech. Support: Just a Big Thanks for the work you all did last night (1:00am)in completing the transfer of my site. I chose your hosting service because of your excellent website marketing and your statement saying you all were simply amazing. Well …. you are! You did what I needed and probably couldn’t do on my own and you worked my issue immediately and solved it as I expected an amazing team should. Kudos for the skill set you specialize in and the surprizingly high level of support you’ve provided.

  381. Jacqueline Hill says:

    How can you go with anyone else when they BACKUP all your files on server every single day of the month AND back up your databases as well! their customer support is second to none. Like INSTANT. And you get the ANSWER you want on the spot. Gotta love SiteGround.

  382. Matt says:

    I am not a customer yet, but I think I will be very soon. The chat was quick, fast and the gentleman was very knowledgeable. He didn’t pressure me into a sale but cleared up some confusion on the wordpress plan vs the regular plan. I went down the technical path and he was able to verify some details.

    Great customer support.

  383. Mandela Morais says:

    I have been hosting my sites with siteground it has been 8 years if I recall correctly and they are the most cost effective option I have till this date and their services just have improved year after year.

    When I started hosting with them, I was using Mango, when I migrated to Joomla I used to SiteGround, now I use WordPress a lot and they still give me the best Technical Support.

    Thank You SiteGround.

    Mandela Morais

  384. Ye Maw says:

    Siteground have the world’s best customer support.

  385. ITD-LIVETV says:

    I was so happy to have YAVOR I working on my PhpMyAdmin issue last night and today. YAVOR I is full of professionalism and he customer service skill is excellent !!!

    Thank you YAVOR I, thank you Siteground.

  386. Bill Stam says:

    I was chat with Ivan.P he helped me out a lot! excelent support!

  387. Sebastian Papp says:

    Excellent hosting provider and fast and good customer support !!
    Thank you !

  388. RCCG says:

    Excellent hosting and support! Bravo!

  389. Jared says:

    Siteground are excellent! I waited 9 days for a simple support enquiry with Godaddy and their reply was to point me to a url that didn’t answer my query. So I decided to transfer my domain to Siteground. This was the best decision I made. The Siteground support team took care of everything for me. Their service and support is the best. I cannot recommend Siteground enough.

  390. Mark Lassoff says:

    Awesome hosting..! Joomla runs fast and best with siteground..!

  391. Jean-François Noubel says:

    Excellent hosting provider. I keep feeling amazed by their true live support line. Direct chat or less than 10 minutes response via email for more complex issues. Not common in a world where hotlines become machines.

  392. Winston says:

    We have a dedicated server with SiteGround for 2 years running. I will tell you that there is NO COMPARISON to the EXCELLENT SERVICE and SUPPORT we have received from SiteGround. It has to run by intelligent and kind people from the top, because as i have chatted with different support people, you are always treated with respect and kindness. Unlike other web host providers I have had talking too.

    Its not easy to find Good reputable HOST like SiteGround. If you unhappy where every your site is hosted, move it to siteground. If your looking for a HOST that can care for your business and needs, this is the place.

    SiteGround is determined to make their name stand out well in this business. Im staying put here :-).

  393. Earl says:

    A fantastic hosting company, look no further!!

  394. Dani says:

    Siteground is my number one hosting. No one can touch their support. They usually answer within minutes.

  395. Martin says:

    Site Ground’s service is light years beyond any other hosting company. Lightning fast support and great staff. I wish I had switched years ago!

  396. Bryan Chaikin says:

    I ran into an issue. Live chatted with someone who was courteous and who asked me to submit a ticket because the technicalities were more complex than he could handle. I submitted a ticket and within 15 minutes it was resolved. If only everything worked this way. Thank you Siteground. Your customer support is the best!

  397. Roma says:

    What can I say!! The move to SiteGround, from another so called hosting company, was the best move we ever made here at SimplerWebs. It just like playing a chess game where you know the move you just made was the best move ever and was the one that made or broke you. The features and support they offered SimplerWebs can’t be found anywhere else. Do you know how fast was their response time every we contact them via Chat, Phone or support ticket? Well, their ticket response time was less than 1 minute today… Wow!!! SiteGround is not only my hosting company, but also my friend and business partner. Thank you SG and keep up the more than excellent work!

  398. John says:

    SiteGround support is the best! My support ticket was answered with an easy-to-understand solution in less than 2 minutes! I don’t know of any other company that offers this level of quality support.

  399. Michael says:

    I don’t normally like using live chats for support, but Im coming around to them thanks to companies like SiteGround – quick and efficient. I initiated a site migration from GoDaddy before going to bed…woke up with an issue on my remote server. Their initial response was a bit technical and in my state of panic missed key details relative to the issue. I asked their support to hold my hand through the process and got a very detailed response in laymen’s terms. Bravo, within 30 min site is up, functional and on it’s new server.

    Support – Fast and Detailed
    Pre sign-up to sign up was smooth.
    Great job on Migration, it was free with the GrowBig plan.

  400. Henrique says:

    Siteground is an awesome hosting, stable, fast, solved my problem from Hostgator Brasil where my site was really really slow.

    Of course, there must always be a “BUT”, so:
    But, I can’t automatically be billed month by month. For the best shared hosting plan, the minimum billing cycle is 3 months and a year for the others. I have been able to get links to pay for a month when I contact support (though some times they refused, they gave the link after I said I already payed 3 months this way), but it’s a pain to month by month, for each account, to ask for a link 🙁 That’s the only reason I don’t have more sites hosted there.

  401. Joshua says:

    Excellent service. Very quick to get someone on the phone, or on chat, and tickets are resolved very quickly.

    Great experience so far! Thanks!

  402. michael says:

    had a wonderful chat with olga at siteground, very knowledgeable about all my questions
    definately establishing my blog here. thank you

  403. Ulrich R. says:

    The support of siteground is more than excellent. You reach people at any time, and they really help. I am very excited and can unrestricted recommend siteground!

  404. Jeff Eggleston says:

    I’ve been tearing my hair out with GoDaddy and several other host companies. I was having terrible problems with some programmers installing a Magento e-commerce site. I was about to give up. Then i stumbled onto SiteGround. Totally awesome experience already. I will be moving everything to them ASAP. Great customer service. easy to use tools. Well written tutorials. This is the best service I’ve had in any industry. They installed the site for me as easy as pie. I am doing cartwheels right now. A+

  405. David says:

    The attention to details has been excellent. I am knowledgeable enough to correct problems within my site, but do not have the expertise that is available from Siteground.

    My confidence in the Tech assistance is very high, getting glitches taken care of quickly.


  406. Megan Fisher says:

    I submitted a ticket. Left the computer to lay my baby down for a nap. Came back and SiteGround support had responded and fixed the issue.
    Now I can get work down while the little bub is sleeping. Thanks for making my day a little more productive!

  407. Abi says:

    Excellent customer service. Very prompt response to queries.

  408. Eros says:

    My first ticket: Siteground resolve my (for me) enormous problem in few minutes. Very impressive!

  409. Jim says:

    I started using siteground with a website about 7 years ago. I am still with them and now have several sites. Up time has been incredible over the 7 years with a faultless 100%, and I can’t remember ever having an issue server side. Their support is second to none as well. Over the 7 years I have had my site hacked, siteground support were there to deal with it when I needed help, I have made errors with site files, and siteground support have found the issues and fixed them at no charge. I recently moved to a different hosting account with siteground and had problems getting the databases configured… again… they fixed everything for me with no extra charge. And all these responses and fixes within minutes! I would recommend siteground to anyone…. you can’t ask for a better service!

  410. Davis PC Mechanics says:

    I have been using SiteGround hosting services for almost 4 years now, and today I experienced my first technical support call. Earlier today I upgraded my Joomla installation, and all appeared to go smoothly as all the others have over the years. however, I quickly noticed a bunch of 404 errors. I checked a few things where I thought the issue may have been but couldn’t get it straightened out and I did not have time to dive into it, so I contacted tech support via the chat system.
    let me just say, I was very impressed with the positive attitude and experience I got from the support technician. granted it was only chat but this guy actually read my original statement from when I launched the chat case, because he didn’t ask me any annoying questions that I had to repeat (I hate repeating myself) and in just a couple minutes my site was back online with no errors. the total time from creating the case to closing it out was around 5 minutes. Thank You SiteGrond !!

  411. alberto ramirez says:

    i just wanted to say siteground is just great. an amazing suit of preinstalled apps, an excellent offering in space/bandwith/pricewise and chiefly, their great customer service!

  412. Philippe says:

    I need specific information before I transfer my website which contains many images. I used the live chat and discussion with my professional seduced me immediately.
    I transfer my site as soon as possible because I know that I have satisfaction with Siteground.

  413. Pauline says:

    Just bought hosting on SiteGround. Great support, very helpful, all the way. They’re about to transfer my site from GoDaddy (for free). I’ll keep you updated in a few weeks, but so far so good!

  414. Gordon says:

    In my experience, SiteGround is remarkable in two specific areas: rapid server response, and excellent customer service. I started with one site on here a couple of years ago, and now I am moving all my website to SiteGround. The customer service is helpful and fast. I appreciate that I can ask any question and they answer in a way that is understandable and respectful (sometimes I feel stupid for asking things I think should be obvious). I recently moved my main business website to SiteGround, and everyone I work with thinks I’m a genius because things are running so much faster. No kidding, it’s FAST!

  415. Kat says:

    Siteground is amazing ! Tech support helped me with things, that no other host would even consider looking into, like changing configuration of my eCommerce platform to get it to work better ( I had 3 dedicated servers with different companies and they never would touch anything besides server settings) Great tech support !

  416. Maria says:

    Quick and Efficient. better than I hoped for. Thank you

  417. tish says:

    I have been quite happy with Siteground. It’s up-to-date with the Joomla version that I needed (in order to support the latest theme that I wanted). Couldn’t get that current version on another popular host. Have had lots of questions for Siteground tech people which were all answered very well. If I didn’t understand the answer (I’m not that tech-y), I asked for clarification and got it. That’s important to me. Just got my site hacked and Siteground tech people repaired it promptly (there was a fee, but so well worth it.) Although the tech did tell me how to fix it myself, I preferred to be sure it was done correctly — and it was. So happy to have that support.

  418. anup pandey says:

    I moved from Hostgator that just kept having downtime issues – several times over 10 hrs for the whole day. I am shocked to see how good is because hostgator had really reduced my expectations for customer service and tech support. If you are trying to make money and want to run a business online, I recommend siteground and I discourage your from Hostgator was good when it was not owned by a larger cost cutting corporation. Siteground support is blazingly fast, just open a ticket and relax, you will get a response very very quick with a resolution in 99.9% of cases. The site speed is amazing too, they really know what they are doing.

    I think I have finally found a resting server for my site after running around from to etc.

    Go with Siteground without hesitation!

  419. A. Nouman says:

    I’m a web developer and i have been at it for years now, Recently stumbled upon siteground and i decided to try and host 1 of my clients with them. I’ve tried 8 other web hosts, And though the only draw back here is the size – but not for my customers since the websites don’t usually pose an issue with the space .. biggest one’s like 600 mb while the allowed space is 10gb – i have multiple good things to say about site ground.
    1- The choice of Server – Most of my customer’s clients targets are in Egypt, Europe and Russia, so there was no point for me in using a server in the U.S. and went with the NL Server. Simply amazing.
    2- Because of #1 the FTP speed and the websites speed is just uncomparable to other hosts. I Give them 9.5/10 on that – a couple of really minor hiccups on the way –
    3- The staff is quite friendly and helpful. Unlike the heathens at FC.
    4- Cheap and reliable aswell.
    5- Their Affiliate deals are quite good.
    So all in all. I think that only second to google, Site ground’s a developer’s best friend.
    A. Nouman

  420. Dan says:

    The SiteGround Team is amazing. I was up early Friday morning and in very little time had my website transfered to their server. I even received a phone call on Saturday asking if I was happy with the service and if there was anything else I needed. Great service! I recommmend their service and support to anyone!!!

  421. Toan says:

    perfect service!

  422. MIguel says:

    The best support service by far! they use to go the extra mile!

  423. Dave Maynard says:

    Simply wonderful service. A lot of providers don’t have a “chat” feature. It’s my favorite way to get help. I just start typing and some smarty comes on and answers all my questions right away.

    I’ve used Siteground for a LONG time now and don’t intend to change for a long time either.

  424. Maksim says:

    Great service, no problem, good price.

  425. T Coursey says:

    I use siteground because they were inexpensive, fast, lot’s of support and great features. I have not had any troubles with my site since it’s been with Siteground. I have all my clients hosted with Siteground!

  426. John C says:

    Just moved a Joomla web site with lots of audio and video to Siteground. Having moved Joomla installations myself, it was nice to let someone else do it. The job was done professionally, no down time, and our users never knew that the site moved.

  427. Aanchal says:

    Great prices, lots of information and very easy to deal with. Phone support if needed. Comparing to all web hosting companies it is simply superb

  428. Frank says:

    SiteGround won me with their knowledge in Joomla websites. I found this company googling for free templates and decided to give them a try. I greatly surprised by the immediate activation and the professionalism of their sales and support teams. I decided to check how fast they react by posting a script installation request and I was amazed that I got my Joomla installed after just 3-4 minutes. Furthermore they have templates and tutorials that are very useful for beginner like me. I have noticed that since recently they are making Joomla extensions too – I am using only the hackguard and I hope that it works fine 🙂 In conclusion, Siteground is a SUPERB host for Joomla websites! Great job guys!

  429. Tanisha Mills says:

    I have used a couple different web hosting companies over the past 7 years in support of a dozen domains (some small and some large). Site Ground is a cut above the others with: #1. Reliable up time service and there technical support is not only helpful with All issues but most importantly they are forthcoming with information (friendly is just the added bonus). They seem to understand and have solutions for the small sites and the large sites. When you need reliable service, contact these guys

  430. Deann Reese says:

    SiteGround are really amazing – they have the best features and support in the market and now started Joomla templates with absolutely free download!! And the templates are really great!! They are doubtlessly the best Joomla host!

  431. Nona Mills says:

    I just wanted to drop a line to say that SiteGround’s service amazes me. The level of service and support is well above what I expected for the price. I have recommended their service to numerous people and they are equally amazed. Well done!

  432. Latoya Bridges says:

    I’ve been hosted with SiteGround for several months, now. They seem a pretty good host to me. This is the first host that is able to offer me everything I want – Joomla website, very nice Joomla templates (it is awesome that they can be used for free), Joomla components (never used them, although it is good that they have included every useful resource for Joomla websites, on their pages), and of course awesome Joomla support. None of the hosts I have been with before can praise with such support. In most cases, you will be given a false reply, or even an advice to contact the Joomla CMS developers. This is what I like in SiteGround most – they have proved me that they have great experience in hosting Joomla websites and to be honest I’m happy to work with them. This was what I was looking for almost 2 years. Now, I have everything with SiteGround!!!

  433. Rob Keck says:

    I have used a couple different web hosting companies over the past 7 years in support of a dozen domains (some small and some large). Site Ground is a cut above the others with: #1. Reliable up time service and there technical support is not only helpful with All issues but most importantly they are forthcoming with information (friendly is just the added bonus). They seem to understand and have solutions for the small sites and the large sites. When you need reliable service, contact these guys

  434. Joff Brown says:

    I came across Siteground over a year ago while Googling Joomla Hosting. I couldn’t be happier with their pricing – their level of customer service is exemplary! I had previously registered multiple domains and hosting accounts with a much larger, more main-stream hosting company (known for it’s exorbitant use of T&A to sell their products!) I’m in the process of moving all my domains and hosting over to Siteground and could not be happier at the ease of the process. Trust Siteground with your Joomla website – you won’t be disappointed!

  435. Joomlaboy says:

    SiteGround are really amazing – they have the best features and support in the market and now started Joomla templates with absolutely free download!! And the templates are really great!! They are doubtlessly the best Joomla host!

  436. Kate says:

    I just wanted to drop a line to say that SiteGround’s service amazes me. The level of service and support is well above what I expected for the price. I have recommended their service to numerous people and they are equally amazed. Well done!

  437. Andrea says:

    First of all the price at SiteGround is tremendous. But better than the low price is the stellar technical support. I run a very sophisticated Joomla site complete with all the trimmings (Community Builder, GroupJive and SM2 Email Marketing). SiteGround even installed CiviCRM for me. When that installation caused a conflict between Community Builder and Joomla, I didn’t get the typical Web host run-around; I sent them an email on Saturday morning about my problem and by Saturday afternoon everything was fixed and working perfectly.

  438. Rahim says:

    I have 4 Joomla websites with SiteGround, and am using their services for nearly 2 years now. I have a Joomla site for my clan community, use Joomla for my family site with a gallery and run an ecommerce site with Joomla and Virtuemart for a customer. I am really pleased with SiteGround’s services and the lots of free resources they provide. I recommend their services!

  439. Mike says:

    The Joomla runs flawlessly and I use one of SiteGround’s templates, the KeyWay. Thanks guys for making it that easy to build my site in Joomla!

  440. Stew says:

    I’ve been hosted with SiteGround for several months, now. They seem a pretty good host to me. This is the first host that is able to offer me everything I want – Joomla website, very nice Joomla templates (it is awesome that they can be used for free), Joomla components (never used them, although it is good that they have included every useful resource for Joomla websites, on their pages), and of course awesome Joomla support. None of the hosts I have been with before can praise with such support. In most cases, you will be given a false reply, or even an advice to contact the Joomla CMS developers. This is what I like in SiteGround most – they have proved me that they have great experience in hosting Joomla websites and to be honest I’m happy to work with them. This was what I was looking for almost 2 years. Now, I have everything with SiteGround!!!

  441. Karla says:

    It is easy to have a Joomla site at SiteGround!

    At SiteGround I got amazing features and Free domain. I had my site hosted elsewhere and a friend told me about SiteGround. My Joomla site was transferred and setup within minutes and I got all the assistance needed. I strongly recommend SiteGround to Joomla users!

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