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iPage has been in the web hosting industry for more than 10 years. The company specializes in offering a great deal of flexibility without over-complicating things. iPage currently hosts over 1,500,000 domains for customers from 150 different countries.

Summary of Test Results:

Test Period Speed Security Support Bonus Points Rank
Jan-Mar 2013 1268 Hits and 95.99% Availability Chroot Isolation 25min Basic and 20+hours Advanced Support Response No #3

Hosting Account, Server Speed and Security

iPage customers get a control panel in their hosting account with a bunch of useful tools for creating and enhancing their websites.  Great search-engine optimization tools, PC backup, malware scanning, security applications and more tools and extras are available for free. There is also a big choice of site building tools, shopping carts, blogging tools, photo galleries and many more.

Technical Assistance

Technical help is accessible in less than two minutes. The 24×7 North American support team has passed a variety of tests and meets all iPage quality standards. It can be reached by phone, chat and through the ticketing system.

Joomla Hosting Features

Customers can easily install Joomla using SimpleScripts, which is available for free with every iPage account. It allows to quickly install and automaticly update to the newest version. The iPage team is available 24/7 for any kind of issue you might encounter. At iPage customers can also find useful Joomla-related articles.

Joomla Hosting Directory rating about iPage

With iPage you get great uptime, security, reliability and the perfect support experience for your Joomla website at a small price! And what we also like about iPage – the company reduces its carbon footprint by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates generated by wind power.


6 Reviews

  1. Jason says:

    Ipage use to be a good hosting company, but in the last few years they have gone downhill. Sure support is available 24 hours a day but youl will spend at least 1 hour on the phone waiting to take to support and online chat takes longer. Beware of what you sign up for, this is a company that will try to nickel and dime you to death, including after your purchase. When you log into your control panel you will be presented with several offers to purchase addition services, You will need to decline these offers before you can get to your control panel. Also be careful where you click in your control panel because the control panel is littered with ads for additional services. In the last month I have had several problems with ipage on multiple domains I manage.
    BEWARE: When I was renewing my ipage hosting, my domains showed an expiration that was good for another year. At this point I’m thinking “ok, I must have purchased the domains for 2 years instead of 1 year” so because the expiration dates showed the domain was good for another year I did not renew yet. 30 days later I discovered my sites are all down and unreachable. While calling support (after waiting for 72 minutes before customer support picks up) I was told that the domain expired 30 days prior and the expiration dates are wrong so the domains are in redemption and it will cost $160 per domain to remove them from redemption. Once paid it will take 24 to 48 hours before the sights come back up.
    Ipage stated that this issue was my fault for not renewing the domains even though their system was wrong and the domains displayed an expiration date of December 2015.
    After researching ipage and their redemption fees, I discovered that I am not the first one to have this problem. It would seem ipage purposely displays the wrong expiration dates in order to raise extra capital.
    So let this be a lesson for anyone who is thinking of using ipage to host their site. BUYER BEWARE!
    If you are wondering if I paid the $160 per domain to get them out of redemption. Yes, because the business I lost outweighs the fees charged.

  2. Anders says:

    This is by far the most slow hosting service. According to Google Page Speed Test, the server response time is 6 secs (Please sorry my english). If you are running a site in Joomla, run away from Ipage.
    Even simple sites with no database connections (Just HTML Bootstrap) take a whole life to load.

  3. Sreekumar Appunair says:

    On 19 Jan 2014 I have purchased iPage hosting plan for $1.89/month! (It was a quagmire for a Greedy like me!) And transferred my domain from Godaddy to iPage (As Godaddy priced little bit high). It snatched nearly 7 days to get the transfer in the bag!
    I have strived more than 2days to get my site up in consequence! and didn’t go through!! I have settled to pull my head back and reached customer service for cancellation of hosting and refund in the Cooling-Off period. One of the agent agreed to refund the payment within 10 working days and given me the freedom to keep my Domain with iPage for free of cost until it expires! And I would get full refund in 10 working days.
    15days later, with zero about the refund, I knocked customer service again wasting my One and half hours! Finally they said “Sorry for providing incorrect information earlier by our previous chat agent. I really apologize for it.” What to say? **** ***?
    The experience was really disappointed!! They were eating my brain literally!
    iPage claimed for the Ownership of my domain for refund of $14.40 USD hosting fee!!! Interesting? Go ahead if you want to lose your domain. Upon demand, I am happy to forward you the chat transcript I have with some of the agents of iPage, It will make you laugh. ( I think iPage is an Asian owned hosting provider) I indubitable, you will get mad while you chatting with an agent for support/refund!! Please don’t trust iPage advertisements flings thousands of pounds rather providing least possible service to customers!
    I am one of the victims!!
    Please don’t kill your Domain for couple of penny! Stay away from iPage.com Rubbish!!!!!

  4. mitja says:

    I can’t agree with the 3th place of IPage. My domain is registred with them but as soon as my agreement will end I’ll migrate to another hosting company.
    All operations are extremely slow, the overal speed of the frontend is under any expectations and the mail security certificates give more problems then solutions.
    IMHO iPage is the worst hosting service that I can think of.

  5. Webdev says:

    I agree, good hosting services as I have a few dot com’s with them but my latest Joomla website runs way too slow (> 1 minute to load). Tried contacting support (submit tickets, online chat, phone calls, etc…) numerous times and they are sub-standard at best! Keep telling me the engineers have been notified and are working on the problem but it never gets any better, for Joomla, stay away!

    Too bad I really like the company otherwise.

  6. Stray says:

    This host is not optimized for Joomla. My site both front and backend were very slow. If you are working on the site, editing and all, will take 10 sec. per to get everything saved. Very slow indeed for a Joomla based site.

    Everything else is okey. Support and price both excellent for personal sites.

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